Building a Return on Investment (ROI) with Cloud Networking


Cloud and digital transformations have revolutionized the way organizations oversee their networking infrastructure, ushering in a new era of complexity. With so much to manage across the network, there is a risk of networks becoming silos, which is no longer acceptable in today's world of enhanced data and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

IT teams now require comprehensive visibility into data, application performance, security, and connectivity across the entire network landscape. Cloud-managed networking is emerging as a critical tool, facilitating the integration of existing technology infrastructure, bridging traditional and cloud-based assets, and accommodating new applications. This transformation also extends to connecting with external networks, like partner networks and remote workers.

Modern enterprises demand a unified view of all their networks to analyze data, ensure high application performance, and maintain information security. Extreme Networks is leading the charge in this area, introducing its One Network, One Cloud strategy, which leverages a cloud-based approach for consistent network deployment across different domains. The Leadership Brief explores how Extreme's cloud networking solutions, including ExtremeCloud IQ, Extreme Wireless, and Extreme Wireless Access, can reduce operating expenses, enhance productivity, and bolster security, ultimately contributing to a more favorable Return on Investment (ROI).

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