Contemporary Challenges and Solutions for Wireless Networking in Education

Wi-Fi today defines network infrastructure for students and faculty in educational settings everywhere – college campuses, K-12 school districts, and beyond. But with the convenience and mobility of Wi-Fi have come new challenges like provisioning high-density bandwidth and capacity and managing radio interference.

Key Learnings:

  • The challenges inherent in campus Wi-Fi
  • How experts are coping with high demand and diverse devices
  • The role of 802.11ac in schools
  • Wi-Fi considerations for online student testing
  • The role of network analytics in managing the network
  • New tools that enhance and simplify Wi-Fi management


  • Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group
  • Tina Stuchell, Executive Director of Information Technology at University of Mount Union
  • Dave Smith, Assistant Director of Technical Services at University of Mount Union