Black Oak Casino Resort Hits the Jackpot with Video Surveillance

Published 27 Jun 2017

Black Oak Casino installed over 700 surveillance cameras in their gaming area and required a reliable network in order to keep all of the cameras online. Unfortunately, the casino suffered from a poorly developed and implemented network solution that failed to keep the network operational. To ensure compliance with the State and Federal regulations, the Casino needed a new robust solution that would have zero-downtime. They evaluated multiple vendors and settled on Extreme Networks because of their Virtual Services Platform 7024s and Ethernet Routing Switch 4850s.

Technology Needs
  • Stackable backbone for video surveillance system
  • Ensure Compliance with State and federal regulations
  • Effective and simple network management

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Doubling of surveillance viewing capability
  • Dramatically increased network uptime
  • Ability to upgrade to handle all property surveillance
  • Added peace of mind when it came to the network

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