Bringing Digital-First Learning Into the Classroom With Enhanced Wireless

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Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School (BART) is a public charter school serving nearly 400 students across grades 6-12 in Western Massachusetts. The school’s mission is to provide students with a strong foundation in arts and technology as part of preparation for college.


  • Wireless infrastructure upgrade to support 1:1 digital learning environment
  • Simplified network management to reduce time spent on troubleshooting
  • Reliable network that kept new techcentric curriculum online
'If a student's test fails due to tech difficulties, there are real-world implications to that, so that it was nice to have an infrastructure back in place that just met everything I threw at it."
Christopher Tawes
Director of Technology, BART

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ


Better Classroom Experience

  • Digital learning enhancements that came online during the pandemic now work seamlessly in the classroom environment
  • Students are able to engage with more feature-rich content, including video, interactives, and podcasts

Reliability and Trust in the Network

  • Simplified management and network reliability give time to focus on strategic projects like a wireless video distribution platform

Planning for Future Programs

  • Amplifying both the technology and arts focused curriculums by providing students access to the latest software and applications
  • Support for individualized education initiatives, where students in one class receive tailored instruction and materials delivered digitally