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ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials

Product Highlights


ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials

  • Standard features of ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Enable enterprise applications with opt-in service within ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Included with ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscription
  • No additional cost

ExtremeGuest Essentials

  • Sponsored Access/Self-registration/Social ID/SMS: Multiple onboarding options
  • Completely customizable location specific splashpages
  • Rich set of analytics providing businessinsight

ExtremeAirDefense Essentials

  • Extends wireless security beyond rogue detection and mitigation to include wireless threat detection
  • Visibility into 40+ wireless security threats
  • Centralized view for all locations based on security threat score

ExtremeIoT Essentials

  • Protects high-risk IoT devices
  • Simplifies IoT on-boarding and security
  • Enables floor staff to on-board and move IoT devices without involving network/IT

ExtremeLocation Essentials

  • Wi-Fi and BLE based location services
  • Current and historical location analytics
  • Presence, Zone Tracking, Asset Tracking

The goal of any management solution is to provide the IT department with all the tools required to provide complete enterprise visibility, management, and control from a single platform. This avoids the challenges of having to integrate multiple applications, with multiple databases and often multiple interfaces. ExtremeCloud IQ is an industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven network management, built from the ground up to take full advantage of Extreme’s end-to-end networking solutions. ExtremeCloud IQ delivers unified, full-stack managementof wireless access points, switches, and routers and enables onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, and more. ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials integrates four Enterprise Service Applications into its Pilot subscription license.

Enterprises have varied requirements and limited budgets, as a result only themost critical applications or services may be purchased, potentially sacrificing visibility into important network information due to budget constraints. ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials ends the decision making – any organization can now receive access to all enterprise network services without the complexity of integrating multiple applications, tying separate platforms, no additional licenses, no separate database and most importantly, with no additional cost.

ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials provides four key applications: Guest management, Location services, WIPS, and IoT, enabling organizations to take advantage of an all-in-one platform for wired and wireless management, business insights, location tracking, wireless security, seamless IoT onboarding and guest access, and guest access through a single user interface simplifying network management while infusing network and business insights.


As the number of connected IoT devices continues to rise, so does an organization’s security risk. Typically designed without embedded security features, IoT devices can create new entry points to the network that can be exploited by malicious actors.

ExtremeIoT is a simple IoT security solution that is designed to protect high risk, wired IoT devices. Through the application of security profiles, it controls IoT device attachment and access to the network. It locks down IoT communications to only what’s authorized, blocking everything else. With user-friendly workflows for IoT profile assignment, once a profile has been created by the IT administrator, floor staff can apply the profiles so that they can on-board, move and track their IoT devices without burdening network/IT resources. ExtremeIoT is available as a self-contained solution available with the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot license and the AP150W. ExtremeIoT enables effortless, secure IoT deployment for high value wired devices.