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Data Center Switching

Platform Agility for the Digital Era

Extreme SLX and VDX switches leverage event-driven automation and pervasive visibility to deliver the utmost in intelligent automation. Supporting flexible IP fabrics and VCS fabrics, they deliver scalability that evolves with the demands of today’s virtualized and cloud multi-vendor data center networking environments.

Adaptive Platform Flexibility

Deliver cost-effective density, scale, and performance with flexible platform designs for data center core, spine, leaf, and internet borders without forklift upgrades.

VCS Fabrics | IP Fabrics

Cross-Domain Automation

Improve business agility and accelerate innovation with cross-domain automation provided by Workflow Composer platform and Automation Suites for provisioning, validation, troubleshooting, and remediation.

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Pervasive Network Visibility

Ensure efficient operation with pervasive network visibility for real-time network analytics, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

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SLX Switches

Our flexible SLX data center switches support demanding workloads traversing data center leaf, spine, border, and internet exchange points. With embedded visibility and cross-domain automation, they enable cost-effective port density, bandwidth, and services scale.

SLX 9140Next-generation leaf switch with native 25G / 100G server connectivity and a programmable architecture purpose-built to support workload density, emerging protocols and new technologies
SLX 9240High density 100G fixed spine switch for server connectivity required by demanding enterprise and cloud data centers.
SLX 9540Versatile data center edge switch with cost-effective density, carrier-class advanced features and performance for data center interconnect, WAN edge and internet exchange point deployments

VDX Switches

VDX data center switches, featuring embedded automation capabilities of Extreme data center fabrics, deliver high performance, capacity, and reliability in data center spine and leaf deployments.

VDX 6740Top of Rack (ToR) 1/10/40 GbE, low-latency switch for virtualized and cloud environments. Delivers exceptional application performance.
VDX 6940Enterprise-class 10/40/100GbE fixed-form switch features ease of management and high performance in a small footprint—to scale out your virtualized and/or cloud network
VDX 8770Carrier-grade 1/10/40/100 GbE switch that meets your demands for operational scalability and simplified managemet

Automation Platforms

Workflow Composer leverages StackStorm technology and its nearly 2000 customizable integration packs for popular platforms and applications to help IT organizations implement cross-domain workflow automation quickly.

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