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Business and security insights from the edge to the data center

Product Highlights


Business Insights

  • Edge to data center
  • Application usage, users, locations, and devices
  • Real-time view into flows

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Proactive monitoring of application performance
  • Simple diagnostic tools for IT staff to diagnose issues
  • Single screen management

Keep your Network Secure

  • Deep visibility into unapproved applications, unusual traffic, and shadow IT
  • Security forensics
  • Centralized packet capture

ExtremeAnalytics for ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine

ExtremeAnalytics extends the value of ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine. It enables users to keep their network secure through granular visibility and analytics into their applications and network, from the edge to the data center. Integrations into Extreme Networks’ Universal Platform Series, VSP series, Summit Series, ERS series, SLX platforms and ExtremeCloud IQ – Controllers provide application layer visibility and latency calculations for traffic flows regarding wired and wireless edge devices through the campus and all the way into the data center.

With ExtremeAnalytics, user behavior on the network can be better understood, level of user engagement can be identified, and business application delivery for optimized quality of experience can be ensured. Track application usage to determine the return on investment associated with application deployments. Performance issues can be pinpointed quickly once identified, and fixed before they become apparent to end-users. With accelerated troubleshooting and automatic performance alerting, users spend less time on monitoring application performance and focus IT time and resources on strategic business initiatives.

For context-based visibility into network activity, ExtremeAnalytics correlates all data collected from users, devices, and applications in a single data store. Application telemetry on Extreme Networks switches and wireless access points (APs) allows users to analyze application flows from every part of the network without requiring dedicated probes.

The optional deployment of the Traffic Sensor appliance allows real time analysis in third party environments. Integrations with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure allow users to obtain workload and application flow visibility into their cloud environment.