ExtremeRouting (OLD)

Extreme 8820

5G Cloud Native Infrastructure
Data Center
Core and Peering Architectures

High-Performance, feature rich, fixed form factor platform for spine, border leaf and routing configurations. Two models - 80 x 100 GbE or 40 x 100 GbE ports – with carrier-class advanced features that leverage proven Extreme routing, MPLS, and VXLAN overlay technology.

Extreme trusted delivery enables software integrity from manufacturer thru distribution to the customer and protects key service delivery infrastructure at remote and unattended 5G cellular sites and edge sites (MEC), as well within co-location and data center environments where shared facility access could be a potential concern.

Extreme family of Universal Routers and Switches provide the industry’s most agile platforms for streamlined operations and reduce risk by selecting use cases and operating system via software. This enables new deployment modes including fabric as requirements change and avoids technology lock-in.

Extreme simplifies network administration with the industry’s most adaptable life cycle automation solution and reduces cost by managing data center fabrics at central and distributed, mobile data centers.

8820 Product Technical Specifications