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Simple is How it Should Be

Mason Mallory Content Marketing Intern Published 16 Dec 2022

When thinking about technology, our first thoughts are that it is complex, confusing, and hard to understand. Some things may be simple, like a phone or a laptop, but the types of assets business need are far more complex. SMBs are looking to grow and to do so as fast as possible.  One of the essential tools to help them grow is technology. Adding new technology to help with daily operations and keep things running smoothly can help increase productivity. Technology is here to make all business owners’ lives easier, however, it isn’t always easy and straightforward to implement and use complex technology necessary to maintain business operations.

Implementing New Technology

As a new business, knowing what is best for your company can be challenging. There is one aspect that can help your business grow, and that is implementing technology. 74% of SMBs cite that a key to their growth was investing in technology. While this may sound simple, it is a little more complex than one might think. Many different issues arise when looking to add new technology into the business, all of which tie back to your network:

  • Security
  • Integration Difficulties
  • Lack of IT Staff

These three issues are impacting SMBs and hindering their ability to simplify deploying new technology that can help them grow. Technology should be simple. It is designed to help make your job more straightforward. So, make sure it is simple because growing a business is hard enough. It’s time to get rid of complexity and move to simplicity.

The Simple Solution with Extreme

Your needs are straightforward, and that’s how your solution should be. So that when you acquire new technology, the deployment is simple. It is time to deliver simplicity with Extreme Networks solutions. Extreme solutions can give you the confidence that your network is flexible enough to support your operations without needing oversight. Extreme’s Network Foundations bundle can simplify technology, help drive efficiency, and provide a reliable solution so you don’t have to worry about your network.

Get a simple solution by working with Extreme Networks and have the confidence to attack the market with a stable technology foundation to build from.

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