Kenn Jones

Senior Manager, Corporate Systems Engineering

Kenn Jones is the Manager of Corporate Systems Engineering at Extreme Networks. The CSE group is responsible for many sales enablement tasks at Extreme including assisting field engineers with on-site Proof of Concept deployments for customers, producing training material in order to ensure that the field is kept up to date on the latest Extreme solutions, and managing a worldwide demonstration network that allows our field SEs to demonstrate any of our solutions for our customers.

Kenn has worked in the networking industry for over 20 years in a number of different roles involving networking security and network analytics. When not at work, Kenn spends his time at home in the woods of New Hampshire with his bride of 30 years and more pets than any normal person would own. In his spare time Kenn enjoys running long distances at slow speeds, riding his motorcycle at faster speeds, playing the guitar at a volume meant to not upset anyone, and occasionally drinking really good bourbon.