Extreme and Living Tomorrow: Inventing the Future

A New Partnership to Showcase How Networks Will Help Change the World

A Vision for Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow showcases the technologies of the future at one incredible venue

The Connected Future

In a world where everything is smart, connectivity is more important than ever before

A Unique Experience

Join us on-site at Living Tomorrow to get a glimpse of the connected future
“The Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus is designed to showcase the possibilities of future technology, from autonomous vehicles and drones to smart hotel rooms that respond directly to guest needs. We selected Extreme because they are a leading innovator of networking technology and can act as an extension of our team, going above and beyond expectations and enabling us to see the full potential of the new technologies we are testing across our campus. Alongside Extreme, we are able to drive fearlessly toward the future without limitations on the technology that we can test and develop, enabling us to work even faster toward a better quality of life for citizens around the world.”
Joachim De Vos
Managing Partner and Co-Chairman of Living Tomorrow and Founder of TomorrowLab

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Extreme Networks

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