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Intelligent Networks Require Granular Visibility and Control

From the data center core to the access edge, only Extreme Networks can bring visibility and control to your most strategic business asset, regardless of vendor or technology. Wired, wireless, SDN, or BYOD.


Management Software


Centralized management brings simplicity to complex management configurations and reporting while distributed control automatically adapts to policy and privileges based on location, time of day, user, or device.


OneFabric Control Center 


A rich set of integrated management capabilities providing centralized visibility and anytime, anywhere control of network resources.

Mobile IAM (BYOD)

A comprehensive BYOD solution that provides total security, full IT control, and predictable network experience for all users.

Data Center Manager (DCM)

Bringing simplicity, agility, and optimized performance to your most strategic business asset.


Ridgeline Network and Service Management


A scalable, full-featured network and service management tool.

Application Analytics

Purview-Video-ThumbnailBreakthrough technology to bridge the gap between business intelligence, IT network management and security through a single integrated view.


Network-powered Application Analytics Purview is a Network-Powered Application Analytics and Optimization solution that captures network data and aggregates, analyzes, correlates, and reports on it to enable better decision making and improved business performance.




Expect adaptive control, granular visibility, and simplicity from your security solution. Detailed, context-based awareness, event triggering, and detailed reports ensure valuable network resources are safe and available.


Adaptive control and protection

Network Access Control (NAC)

A leading NAC solution ensures only the right users have access to the right information from the right place at the right time.

Intrusion Prevention System

Provides exceptional functionality by locating, containing, and removing the source of the attack from the network.

Security Analytics

Uses advanced surveillance and forensics analysis to deliver situational awareness of both external and internal threats.

Operating System


Extreme Networks operating system is engineered to support the increasing demands placed on converged networking, cloud and enterprise data centers while providing a single OS from core to edge.


Modular Operating System for highly available, extensible, high-performance networks.


ExtremeXOS is designed from the ground up to provide the robust performance and capabilities needed for everything from large cloud and data center applications to intelligent, converged enterprise edge networks.