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One Hyper-Connected World, One Simple Product Set To Keep It Together.

We’ve “Extreme-lined” our product set so it’s never been easier to build the most flexible software-defined networking solutions imaginable.

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The ExtremeWireless product suite includes access points, centralized management and appliances that enable the highest density coverage in the most challenging environments and deliver an exceptional experience for users, wherever they roam.

Wireless Appliances

V2110  |  Data Sheet

C25  |  Data Sheet

C35  |  Data Sheet

C5210  |  Data Sheet


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At the core of every adaptable network is a flexible, secure and efficient switching platform. ExtremeSwitching provides platforms legendary for high-performance and comprehensive coverage from edge to core.


SSA (S-Series)  |  Data Sheet

D-Series  |  Data Sheet

Summit X430  |  Data Sheet

I-Series  |  Data Sheet

800-Series  |  Data Sheet


Mobile Backhaul

E4G-200  |  Data Sheet

E4G-400  |  Data Sheet



Power Cords



Midspan PoE


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ExtremeControl layers a set of management software tools upon your wireless and switching infrastructure allowing you to control policy from any network node to any individual device, all from a single pane of glass.


ExtremeSecurity provides the industry’s most granular visibility, including per-port policy management, per-device layer 2-4 access control, analytics and much more.


ExtremeXOS and EOS were designed from the ground up to meet the high-performance needs of diverse environments, from public cloud and private data centers to enterprise edge networks. And they support network virtualization and standards-based SDN capabilities like OpenFlow and OpenStack Cloud Orchestration.


ExtremeXOS  |  Data Sheet

Audio Video Bridging  |  Data Sheet

Physical Security  |  Data Sheet


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ExtremeAnalytics provides visibility into application use across the network, empowering IT to boost organizational efficiency, improve user experience and engagement, optimize application performance, and protect against malicious or unapproved system use.

Application Analytics

Purview  |  Data Sheet


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ExtremeSDN is an intelligent control plane that understands network dynamics and adapts in real-time to meet the needs of users and applications by automating, orchestrating and virtualizing the network.

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When it comes to technical support, Extreme Networks raises the bar for all vendors. Our award-winning support team is here to answer your questions, 24/7/365.

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