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Purview provides visibility into application use across the network, helping organizational efficiency by improving user experience and engagement, optimizing application performance and protecting against malicious or unapproved system use.



IdentiFi is a leader in high-density deployments providing next generation Wi-Fi today. Proven in the most demanding environments, IdentiFi delivers an exceptional experience for BYOD/Mobile users wherever they may roam.


IdentiFi includes access points, centralized management, and appliances that bring the performance and scalability required to meet high user demand, even in the most challenging environments.


Access Points

AP3865  |  Data Sheet

AP3825  |  Data Sheet

AP3805  |  Data Sheet

AP3705  |  Data Sheet

AP3710  |  Data Sheet

AP3715  |  Data Sheet

AP376x  |  Data Sheet

Altitude 4600

Altitude 4511

Altitude 4760



Wireless Appliances

V2110  |  Data Sheet

C25  |  Data Sheet

C5210  |  Data Sheet

Summit WM3000  |  Data Sheet


Switching and Routing

Our network solutions begin with a strong ecosystem that is flexible, secure, and efficient.


Extreme Networks provides a family of switching and routing products that exceeds all expectations for building the network needed to meet the demands of a small business or large enterprise.



S-Series  |  Data Sheet

K-Series  |  Data Sheet

BlackDiamond X8  |  Data Sheet

BlackDiamond 8000  |  Data Sheet
40GE QSFP Passive Copper Cables DS
10/100/1000BASE-T SFP Data Sheet



Summit X770  |  Data Sheet

Summit X670  |  Data Sheet

Summit X670-G2  |  Data Sheet

Summit X670-48T  |  Data Sheet

Summit X480  |  Data Sheet

Summit X460-G2  |  Data Sheet

Summit X440  |  Data Sheet

Summit X430  |  Data Sheet

ReachNXT 100-8T

7100-Series  |  Data Sheet

7100G-Series  |  Data Sheet

A-Series  |  Data Sheet

B-Series  |  Data Sheet

C-Series  |  Data Sheet



SSA (S-Series)  |  Data Sheet

D-Series  |  Data Sheet

Summit X430  |  Data Sheet

I-Series  |  Data Sheet

800-Series  |  Data Sheet


Mobile Backhaul

E4G-200  |  Data Sheet

E4G-400  |  Data Sheet



Power Cords

Software and Security

Visibility, security, and intelligent control – all through a single pane of glass. Only Extreme Networks can provide the most granular visibility in the industry, including per-port policy management, per-device layer 2-4 access control, QoS/priority, rate limit/shape, and much more.


Software-Defined Networking


Management Software

NetSight  |  Data Sheet

MobileIAM  |  Data Sheet

Network Access Control (NAC)  | 
Data Sheet

Data Center Manager (DCM)  |
Data Sheet




Network Access Control (NAC)  | 
Data Sheet

Intrusion Prevention System  |
Data Sheet

Security Information and Event Management  |  Data Sheet



ExtremeXOS  |  Data Sheet

Audio Video Bridging  |  Data Sheet

Physical Security  |  Data Sheet


Application Analytics

Purview  |  Data Sheet


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