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WiNG Access Points

Gain Deeper Visibility into Your Enterprise for Sharper Decisions

Optimal Performance

Tracking, analyzing, mobilizing–everything depends on your wireless LAN. With WiNG Wireless solutions, performance is optimal, security tighter and rollouts and troubleshooting faster.

WiNG Wireless Indoor Access Points

Our Wireless Access Point technology ensures enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment – from restrictive hotel rooms to the harsh outdoors.


AP 8533 True 802.11ac Access Point with Eight Times the Capacity and Triple the Sensors
AP 8432 Do More Today. Add the Internet of Things Tomorrow with a True 802.11ac Access Point
AP 7532 Highest Performance Wireless Speeds with 3×3 Mimo and 256 Qam Modulation
AP 7522 Upgrade to 802.11ac Wi-Fi Speed and Throughput – All at a Low Cost
AP 7522E WiNG Express Management: Affordable Fifth-Generation Wi-Fi for Any Environment
AP 7622 Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi for Small Budgets

WiNG Wireless Outdoor Access Points

With a solution for every type of network, organizations of any size can select from our wireless access point portfolio to leverage exceptional features such as mesh networking, versatile radio coverage, and instant deployment.


AP 7562 Blazing-Fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi Speed and Throughput in Your Most Challenging Outdoor Environments — All at a Low Cost
AP 8163 Rugged Design Delivers Next-Generation High-Performance Wi-Fi in Demanding Outdoor Environments
AP 6562 Outdoor Dual Radio 802.11A/B/G/N Mesh Wireless Access Point

WiNG Wireless Wall Plate

Deliver Cost-effective in-room high-speed Wi-Fi service over your existing in-room telephone lines – and support innovative indoor locationing solutions that take service to the next level.


WiNG TW-522 Wall Plate 802.11ac Dual-Radio AP — Deliver Cost-Effective In-Room High-Speed Wi-Fi Service Over Your Existing In-Room Telephone Lines and Take Service to the Next Level
WiNG AP 7502 Wall Plate Enterprise-class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access Point
WiNG AP 7502E Wall Plate Enterprise-Class Wall Plate 802.11ac Access Point
WiNG AP 7602 Wall Plate 802.11ac Wall Plate: Get Personal with Guest Networks

Unsurpassed Performance, Reliability, and Control

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