July 25, 2016

Wi-Fi’s Next Step: High Density Scenarios


This year at Interop, I had the opportunity to speak with Network World about the emerging challenges for Wi-Fi networks in the age of mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT). In recent years, we have seen an explosive increase in the usage of and reliance on Wi-Fi networks. For the most part, Wi-Fi deployments have the enterprise covered.

But what about the more challenging environments that require mission-critical, high density Wi-Fi coverage at scale?

Delivering reliable solutions to highly populated, dense environments, such as hospitals, arenas and campuses, is this is the next step for Wi-Fi.

BYOD has also emerged as a concern for organizations looking to deploy it on a large scale. Consider the demands of the networks in the hospitals, arenas and campuses mentioned earlier:

  • Stadiums are tasked with getting 20-30,000 devices on a high-performance network, while providing the analytics to measure its success.
  • K-12 and higher education schools require Wi-Fi for on-line testing and education IoT. Additionally, many students in multiple classrooms demand network access at the same time.
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems have been deploying life-critical Wi-Fi for more than a decade to support voice, video, machines and devices. Now they face a new challenge, as access is no longer only a requirement for clinicians, but also patients and their guests who are accessing apps like Netflix and Facetime in the waiting room.

Our success in delivering reliable Wi-Fi at scale – as demonstrated in over 10 NFL stadiums and hundreds of educational institutions and healthcare systems worldwide – is a proof that Extreme’s technology is reliable and effective. We are confident in our ability to design, deploy and monitor networks for high density environments and to handle all the requirements necessary to get devices on the network and ensure it continues to run smoothly.

To learn more about the next step for Wi-Fi, watch our on-demand Webinar, Deploying Wi-Fi in Demanding Environments.

About The Contributor:
Mike LeibovitzDirector of Mobility Solutions

Mike Leibovitz has over 15 years of Sales Engineering, Product Management and Marketing expertise in the Communications Industry. Since 2008 Mike has been instrumental in bringing high density Wi-Fi solutions to stadiums, healthcare, education and commercial markets for Extreme Networks. Mike’s current role, Director of Mobility and Applications at Extreme is focused on evangelizing mobile and software solutions that drive positive and consistent user experiences. If you would like to read more about his views on mobility, visit his blog http://www.ontheflywifi.net/ Follow me on twitter @MikeLeibovitz.

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