ExtremeCloud is a Cloud-Managed Networking Platform Designed for Simplicity and Investment Protection

Cloud Management Solution Provides a Highly Scalable, Application-Adaptive Infrastructure Capable of Accommodating Today’s Organizations’ Constant Changes in Business Needs.

The Future of Network Management Overview

Is A Cloud-Managed Network Right For You?

Why The Time Has Arrived For Cloud-Managed Networks

With Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, the network management function is securely shifted to the cloud and accessed with a standard web browser. An on-site controller is no longer necessary. Adding Wi-Fi networking using ExtremeCloud is as easy as purchasing access points, adding the cloud subscription, and installing the access points (APs).

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Simple, Flexible, and Business-Aligned Cloud-Managed Wired and Wireless Networks

ExtremeCloud is a subscription-based cloud management solution for ExtremeWireless and ExtremeSwitching products. It provides ease of use and simplicity for provisioning, troubleshooting, analytics, policy control and firmware management. Built from the ground up, ExtremeCloud is a true multi-tenant service that expands and contracts dynamically as your business transforms.

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Products that Use ExtremeCloud

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi for K-12 Education Webinar

Cloud-managed networks can bring enterprise-class networking capabilities to resource-constrained K-12 school districts. Moving to the cloud reduces capital expenses and eases the demands on the IT staff. Devices are effortlessly deployed and managed through a web browser. The subscription model of this style of management is often a good fit for the school district budget.

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