Demystifying Software Defined Networking

Demystifying Software Defined Networking (SDN) – What it really is and why it matters to you!

Are you among the millions confused about what SDN actually is, or why it matters? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between OpenFlow, OpenDaylight and OpenStack or what the difference is between northbound and southbound integrations? Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging architecture that has created a lot of hype and confusion while promising a better future.

This On-Demand Webinar will:

  • Bring clarity to all the hype and confusion on SDN.
  • Explain, in simple terms, what is SDN and why the industry needs SDN,
  • Define and explain key SDN elements and acronyms
  • Describe how an open and standard-based approach for developing and deploying turn-key SDN applications would work on any infrastructure