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Mobile IAM

BYOD done right

  • Discovery and easy onboarding of BYOD users
  • Supports multi-vendor environments, including MDM
  • Comprehensive dashboard for advanced analytics

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Comprehensive policy for multi-vendor environments, providing detailed context into the user experience.

Mobile IAM, “BYOD Done Right,” is a comprehensive BYOD solution that provides total security, full IT control, and predictable network experience for all users. Mobile IAM addresses IT challenges being driven by today’s enterprise and campus mobility imperatives providing end-to-end visibility and control over individual users, devices and applications, in multi-vendor infrastructures.

Policy management is the most granular in the industry including per port, per device, QoS/priority, rate limit/shape, and more. Real time tracking and unique state change notification for over 45 attributes per device and user give IT maximum visibility into all network activity. It offers an open architecture for assessment (MDM integration) and threat response (Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)).

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BYOD and Guest Account Services Included

Automated BYOD registration allowing users to register their own devices using their credentials with no IT intervention. Guest registration access control features to assure secure guest networking without burdening IT staff. Also supports guest self-registration, sponsored registration, pre-registration, and support for contact verification via SMS or email.

Fine-Grained Configuration Options

NAC configuration options provide an unparalleled range of choices for fine-grained network control. These configuration options include time of day, location, authentication types, device and OS type, and end-system and user groups.

Identity-Aware Networking

Provides user identity functionality including discovery, authentication, and role-based access controls. The process of managing the user’s lifecycle (e.g., enrollment, role changes, termination) can be automated and linked to other business processes with LDAP and RADIUS integration.

End-point Baselining and Monitoring

Provides agent-based or agent-less end-point assessment capabilities to determine the security posture of connecting devices. It is aligned with industry standards, works with multiple assessment servers, authentication servers and security software agents to match the needs of organizations who may have existing assessment technology.

Open Architecture for Assessment

Allows easy integration with other third-party network management tools for MDM integration, threat response (Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)), and more.

Available as a Physical or Virtual Appliance

Provides the flexibility to meet any installation requirement.

Mobile IAM is “BYOD Done Right,” a comprehensive BYOD solution that provides total security, full IT control and predictable network experience for all users. Mobile IAM addresses:

  • Centrally manage and control the security posture of all devices connecting to the network, including employee bring-your-own-device (BYOD)
  • Offers the flexibility to choose whether or not to restrict access for guests/contractors to public Internet services only
  • Managed guest access control with sponsorship, SMS verification, pre-registration, and other options
  • Comprehensive dashboard reporting and advanced notification engine
  • Enables the homogeneous configuration of policies across multiple switch and wireless access point vendors. This capability significantly reduces the burden of policy lifecycle management and eases Mobile IAM deployment in wired and wireless heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Works in any environment – Extreme only network, Extreme and third-party network, and non-Extreme network
  • Protects existing infrastructure investments since it does not require the deployment of new switching hardware or that agents be installed on all end-systems
  • Protect critical corporate data by restricting and/or controlling unauthorized access to network resources
  • Address compliance and regulatory requirements by control access to sensitive data and then providing comprehensive reporting on user activity, additionally reporting can be exported to other third-party reporting tools
  • Automate end-point isolation, quarantine, and remediation, plus ongoing threat analysis, prevention, and containment
  • Performs multi-user, multi-method authentication, vulnerability assessment, and assisted remediation
  • Multiple options on how to handle authenticated internal users/devices that do not pass the security posture assessment