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Single-Pane-of-Glass Control from BYOD to the Data Center

ExtremeControl provides all the management tools you need to control policy from any network node to any individual device, all from a single pane of glass.

Zebra's Guest Access is now part of ExtremeControl

Management Software


Centralized management brings simplicity to complex management configurations and reporting while distributed control automatically adapts to policy and privileges based on location, time, user, or device.



ExtremeManagement (Formerly NetSight)

A rich set of integrated management capabilities providing centralized visibility and anytime, anywhere control of network resources.

Extreme Access Control (Formerly NAC)

A multi-vendor solution that provides an unparalleled range of choices for fine-grained network access control.

Data Center Connect (Formerly DCM)

Bringing simplicity, agility, and optimized performance to your most strategic business asset.

Guest Access (now part of ExtremeControl)

A great user experience, combined with network security for all device types.




Open, Standards-Based SDN Controller Providing Simple, Fast, and Smart Automation and Orchestration


ExtremeControl Connect

The Extreme Networks’ SDN solution accelerates application innovation and reduces risks for the entire network, including wireless, campus and data center. We do this through a modular, open and standards-based development environment that integrates with existing infrastructure and avoids architecture lock-in.


Intelligent Networks Require Granular Visibility and Control

From the data center core to the access edge, only Extreme Networks can bring visibility and control to your most strategic business asset, regardless of vendor or technology. Wired, wireless, SDN, or BYOD.