October 07, 2013

Wireless That Works; No Jargon Required

Sometimes the little things in life are the most satisfying. We spend our lives moving from place to place clutching a device fueling our forward momentum. Mobility is not a trend it’s reality. Those of you that have watched failed wireless connection attempts can attest to the bitter taste left. At times I want to jump for joy if my device connects to a new SSID, but association is just the beginning. We quickly overlook the realities and requirements for highly dense or heavily used Wi-Fi environments.

Those without insight typically assume running Wi-Fi is plug and play, just like at home… If only it was that easy.

Wireless LAN vendors have battled the past few years to highlight and promote their latest approach. Distributed vs. Centralized, Controller vs. Controller-less, Cloud hosted vs. Cloud managed. The marketing headlines are replete with tech jargon to fill an ocean. The battle is nowhere near conclusion with many points left to consider, debate and reform.

Yet the most salient question is rarely asked: Do customers really care? Are all network administrators deeply entrenched in Wireless technology to decipher the cryptic marketing messaging?

One thing I’m certain of is that end users do not care how their traffic flows, how their associated AP is managed, or if it’s “Cloud Based”. They simply want wireless that works, period.

Vendors offering cloud-managed solutions highlight the simplicity and cost savings of their solutions. If you dig, you’ll quickly realize that their solution does not include a trained wireless professional to design, configure or operate the network day to day. You might realize that the only true cost benefit, in their “OPEX” model, is realized by hosting controller or management functions in the cloud. That’s really it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone offered a full OPEX cloud managed service for customers who are without headcount or budget to deliver against surging end-user demands and expectations?

A single low monthly cost that includes everything might start to sound compelling. Consider AP hardware, software, implementation, day-to-day management, reporting, upgrades and optional hardware refreshes at contract renewal in that package. That’s right, everything you require to deliver a high performance mission critical Wi-Fi as demanded by your end users. Operational bliss, no headaches.

Best part – no jargon required.

Check out the new joint cloud wireless managed service from Enterasys and PCM.

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Mike Leibovitz

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