July 23, 2014

Wireless Field Day 7 Is Almost Here

Wireless Field Day 7 is quickly approaching. Here at Extreme Networks we are very excited to come back for our second turn presenting to the delegates, and the internet viewing community. We’ll be up at 4pm/Pacific on Wednesday, August 6 – please join our session and engage socially using hashtag #WFD7. Here’s a small preview of what’s on our mind:

The world of Wi-Fi is destined to collide with the burgeoning realm of Software Defined Networking (SDN). To some, this impending collision is not very dramatic; more of a soft bump perhaps. In many ways, the many concepts of SDN lend itself naturally to Wireless LAN networking. Some WLAN architectures are aligned perfectly for automation, orchestration, and programmability that the SDN revolution is charging towards.

What’s interesting to me is not just the push to modernize IP networks that we’ve built for years. Sure, I agree with the point being made that its time for networks to modernize following the mainstay counterparts – Compute and Storage. And with due respect to the networking industry the point is difficult to argue against.

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About The Contributor:
Mike LeibovitzDirector of Mobility Solutions

Mike Leibovitz has over 15 years of Sales Engineering, Product Management and Marketing expertise in the Communications Industry. Since 2008 Mike has been instrumental in bringing high density Wi-Fi solutions to stadiums, healthcare, education and commercial markets for Extreme Networks. Mike’s current role, Director of Mobility and Applications at Extreme is focused on evangelizing mobile and software solutions that drive positive and consistent user experiences. If you would like to read more about his views on mobility, visit his blog http://www.ontheflywifi.net/ Follow me on twitter @MikeLeibovitz.

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