Wi-Fight It?

Tired of your guests fighting poor Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi that doesn’t connect, constantly drops, or only gives you that annoying, spinning thing? So are we!

We want everyone to have access to fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you’re in a hotel room, on the casino floor, or simply walking around the property, you guests’ wireless experience should be the same “at-home” quality they enjoy every day.

Interview with Eldorado Resort and Casino

Eldorado Resort recognized the importance of delivering pervasive and quality Wi-Fi throughout their property. After investing in a purpose-built wireless network, not only did they meet guest expectations to ‘stay connected’ they also built a robust platform to leverage for future business and brand initiatives. Learn more about the deploying a state of the art guest wireless network at Eldorado Resorts in Reno, Nevada.

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Eldorado Resort and Casino

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Eldorado Case Study

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Delivering Personalized Guest Wireless

Want to learn best practices for fighting poor Wi-Fi? Check out our webinar, where a panel of Hospitality thought-leaders discuss their experiences delivering guest-facing wireless solutions, and how they approach this critical business asset.

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