Wi-Fight It?

Tired of your guests fighting poor Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi that doesn’t connect, constantly drops, or only gives you that annoying, spinning thing? So are we!

We want everyone to have access to fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you’re in a hotel room, on the casino floor, or simply walking the property, your guests wireless experience should be the same ‘at-home’ quality they enjoy every day.

Wi-Fight It: Customer Success Story with Eldorado & Casino

Learn more about how they fought poor a Wi-Fi experience and what it meant for their guests in Reno, Nevada.

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Eldorado Resort and Casino

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Eldorado Resort & Casino Case Study

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Inside the Guestroom

Cost-effective, high-speed, in-room Wi-Fi service for guests. Seamless, hassle-free installation and APs for any property’s existing infrastructure.

  • TW-522: Dual-radio AP that mounts securely over an existing telephone wall plate, no new cabling required.
  • AP 7502: Small sized, dual-radio 2X2 MIMO enterprise-grade AP installed over existing Cat5 cabling, with full WiNG functionality.
  • AP 7602: Cost-effective single-radio dual band AP, one per room design delivering the ultimate an at-home wireless experience.

Hallway & Small Public Areas

Enterprise-level security and high performance Wi-Fi delivery to support the needs of all LAN environments, especially hallway and small public spaces.

  • AP 7522: Dual-radio 2×2:2 802.11ac AP. Wall or ceiling mounted design, with Layer 7, deep-packet inspection capabilities.
  • AP 7622: Economical, enterprise-grade AP with impressive scalability and reliable, 802.11ac connectivity and performance.

Large Conferences, Ballrooms, & Lobby

The ultimate performance and bandwidth that 802.11ac can deliver, at a minimal cost. Meet the demands of high-density environments, including high volume of users and application usage.

  • AP 7532: Dual-radio 3×3:3 802.11ac AP with wall or ceiling mount options with full WiNG functionality.
  • AP 8432: 4×4 tri-radio Wave 2 AP with the ability to support hundreds of wireless clients concurrently, ideal for large venue spaces.

Outdoor Wireless

Rugged design for demand environments, our outdoor APs are purpose-built inside and out to enable easy extension of robust wireless connectivity to outdoor spaces.

  • AP 7562: Dual-radio, outdoor IP67 rated 3×3:3 802.11ac AP for mounting in outdoor areas; featuring an aesthetically pleasing factory installed integrated antenna façade.

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