February 22, 2012

What I learned at the VMware Partner Exchange Conference

The 2012 VMware Partner Exchange conference was a fantastic event. As I blogged earlier, the event was well attended and the speakers for the event were engaging and provided a clear vision of where VMware believes the market is headed and how to execute on that.

A key takeaway I had was the consistency in communication from the keynote to the last session I attended. VMware is very focused on being the leader in the transformation its technology is bringing to the market.

In the last blog I briefly touched upon one of the largest influences to impact IT – the millennial worker. Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware credits the millennials as demanding a new consumption model of IT. To be successful, IT needs to change to accommodate the user experience that the millenials are demanding, a post-PC era that is more about the application and less about the device.

This means an evolution will occur beyond just virtualization of servers in the data center. 2012 and beyond will see a larger focus on virtual desktops and even application virtualization. Virtual desktops are gaining traction and attention. Brian Madden’s recent blog post asked the question of “locked desktop vs unlocked desktop” and should IT be prepared to offer both or just one to end users.

In my experience, I believe we will see an evolution that will include both virtualized applications and virtualized desktops. Who implements which will vary based on the types of data being generated, where that data will be stored, and which compliance mandates an organization must deal with when evaluating that data.

It won’t be a single consumption platform, but to be successful a single management platform to unify governance and user entitlements. Self-service provisioning and recording will be critical to ensure that compliance managers survive audits.

We must be prepared to take the step of decoupling applications from the physical infrastructure to migrate and evolve. One memorable quote from the conference sums it up quite nicely, the key attributes of success will be reliability, nimbleness, and openness.

What are your goals for the millennial worker and how are you evaluating virtualization technologies for your environment?

I’m interested in your responses.
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