August 26, 2015

We're Ready for Football…and Everything Else.

Fans across America are getting ready for another season of NFL football. But the game on the field is no longer the only attraction. As we become a more mobile society, the need for connectivity has become a necessity.


Gone are the days where it was acceptable to not be able to send a text message because the cell network was too congested. Today’s fan wants to share the game-day experience with their friends and family and they want to know what is happening outside of the stadium.

Over the past few years, a number of stadiums across all leagues have been upgrading their wireless networks to serve this new demand. Extreme Networks provides the solutions to better the experience for the fans. Providing high-end wireless connectivity to the fans, AND the necessary analytics for the network administrators to ensure everything is working well is where Extreme has proven itself time and time again.

It’s often been said that providing high-quality wireless connectivity to 80,000 people in a building made of concrete is one of the hardest challenges in the industry. But stadiums aren’t the only high-density venue where Extreme excels.


Businesses in all walks of life have to provide superior mobility access. Hospitals have two levels of users that want, and need, to be connected. Patients and visitors often want to stream their favorite shows to pass the time. When the network is built with the proper visibility and control, the other group of users – medical staff – can work confidently knowing their life-critical connected devices have priority on the network.

In primary and secondary education environments, parents and administrators want to know that the students are surfing a safe Internet. In higher education, users want to make sure all of their unique devices are connected. The same holds true for everyone from corporate offices to manufacturing assembly lines: The necessary information needs to be available to the proper device.

An NFL fan trying to watch a touchdown replay has the same basic needs as a medical clinician reviewing critical lab results. They need to be able to access the network and get what they’re looking for.


The network is not only a business asset; it’s now a necessity for success.

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