July 17, 2013

VSPEX, Lenovo and the Rise of Converged Infrastructure

VSPEX Validated

EMC VSPEX Labs Validated

As the virtualization era dawned in the early 2000’s and grew more mainstream in the latter half of the decade, requirements for Enterprise IT and Data Center environments became exponentially more demanding.  In this environment with anywhere from 2 to 16 (or more) virtual machines per physical server, the sheer intensity of the scale directly increased the risk impact of the underlying systems.  In response, and rightfully so, CIOs and IT Directors have turned to the vendor community demanding “Open”: Open Standards, Open Platforms, and Open Interoperability.

In 2011, Extreme Networks launched our Open Fabric architecture and framework.  This modular framework highlights our principles of “Open” – Open technology leadership at the network switching layer, our modular, linux-based ExtremeXOS Operating System with open APIs, XML and SOAP, and our open systems work with other technology partners in the IT and Data Center ecosystem, including OpenStack and OpenFlow.

Fast forward to 2013 and we see that the need for an “Open” approach has evolved to also include Converged Infrastructure.  Converged Infrastructure (CI) combines storage, compute and network elements combined into a pre-tested, validated solution to provide CIOs and IT Directors with “solution assurance”, the expectation that the products work together as expected.  At the same time, a recent Morgan Stanley survey showed CIOs (Pulse of the CIO June 24, 2013) still want to make best of breed decisions.  Not coincidentally, “Extreme Networks showed an impressive momentum shift…” and “EXTR Took a Commanding Lead in Switching Spending Plans…” compared to other leading vendors such as Juniper, Brocade, and Cisco.  Clearly, these two trends aligning are driving the demand for best-in-breed Converged Infrastructure solutions.

Today we’re very excited to announce two new, blue-chip partnerships with Lenovo and EMC (here’s the Lenovo press release and here’s the EMC VSPEX press release).

VPSEX Solution Partners

VSPEX Solution Partners

The Extreme Network Summit switch family complements the Lenovo high-performance ThinkServer product line for Enterprise and Data Center Cloud-Ready solutions.  Lenovo will resell all Extreme Networks, through both their direct sales force and Channel Partners, in over 60+ countries worldwide, with an emphasis on the Summit X440, X460 and X670 platforms.  Our companies have a shared vision of open architectures, including public support of OpenStack, and have begun testing and validating our solution offerings together to provide that level of solution assurance needed in today’s hyperscale environments.

We’re also extremely pleased to announce our recent EMC VSPEX certification for our Summit family of switches.  The EMC VSPEX solution is EMC’s meet-in-the-channel strategy to address customer choice by having selected vendors undertake a rigorous set of performance and availability test scenarios to meet EMC’s VSPEX demanding standards. We’re excited to bring our Summit X670, our low latency, top of rack, 1 to 40 GE switch into this solution and give our channel partners and end-users another choice and alternative to the incumbents.

Please see our new Converged Infrastructure landing page for more information.

Further evidence of open systems strategy is our Extreme Networks Quantum plug-in for OpenStack that optimizes VM provisioning and includes new use case capabilities. This is a perfect complement to our CI partnership with Lenovo or EMC VSPEX if OpenStack is your management & orchestration choice.

What if the EMC or Lenovo are not part of your CI plans?  Remember, we’re committed to an open standards approach and we’ve continued the open standards route with both Lenovo and EMC.  We fully expect that this building block approach using open standards will also meet your needs with your chosen vendor as well.

We’re excited to be in the converged infrastructure space, we’re excited to be partner with technology leaders such as Lenovo and EMC, and we’re excited to bring our channel partners and end-user community increased customer choice.  Please check out the converged infrastructure landing page for additional details.

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