February 15, 2012

VMWare Partner Exchange Day 1 Summary

The day started with a heavily attended General Session. The presenters were brilliant and included CEO Paul Maritz and CTO Dr.Stephen Herrod. The theme was high energy if you haven’t heard the term Cloud yet, prepare to get very familiar with it.

The market for virtualization is very strong. In the opening presentation, VMWare quoted a Forrester projection that the Private Cloud market would reach $41.5 billion by 2015. That’s an incredible amount of projected growth in just a few short years.

What does this growth look like and what are the drivers?

VMWare CEO Paul Maritz shared this statistic with the audience. A new virtual machine (VM) is created every 6 seconds. With an install base of approximately 25 million VMs globally, one would consider this is a rather large market. Consider this point though, most analysts estimate that this represents about half of all production systems in the enterprise market space. There is considerable room for growth in this space, and it becomes quite easy to see how this could meet Forrester’s predictions.

Why the growth in virtualization and cloud services?

A reduction in capital and operational expenses led the first wave of virtualization, but Paul gave us a peek at the driver for the next wave – millennials. Millennials according to Paul are changing the IT consumption model. Millennials expect a different experience. They are highly mobile and work socially and expect their interaction with applications and data to match this.

As millennials become more influential in business, this generates a transformation within the business and IT. Paul used a term that stuck with me – the Post PC era. The first step into the Post-PC era is a data center that supports different consumption models, focused on the applications and how users consume those applications.

VMWare has quite the vision for the future. More importantly they are prepared to make the investments in their partners. VMWare plans to work with their partners to build a community to help you through this transformation.

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that Enterasys is a VMWare Elite partner committed to helping with that transformation. I would encourage you to keep an eye not only on this particular space, but also our website www.onefabric.net for papers and reference architectures to support not only VMWare’s vision, but more importantly your vision and your business.

I appreciate your readership and please leave feedback! There are two more very busy days here in Las Vegas and I want to make sure I get you the information you are interested in, so please comment or reach me on Twitter @markdtownsend.

Happy Networking!

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