October 14, 2011

Using Proactive Support to Drive the Customer Experience

In the ultra-fast world of hi-tech there has never been a more pressing need for strong, reliable and efficient customer support. Most, if not all, companies will declare that they have great customer support, but more important is the customer experience –the sum of all experiences a customer has with a vendor over the duration of their relationship with that vendor.

The customer experience begins as soon as a potential customer learns about the company. Information found by reading, word of mouth, or through other avenues starts the customer experience and continues on from there throughout the life of the customer/vendor affiliation.
One key ingredient to a successful customer experience is the relationship between the customer and the support organization. One mistake vendors make is by waiting to start this relationship until the customer has a problem or is in need of assistance. One unique feature that sets Enterasys apart from other vendors is our belief in establishing a positive relationship with the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) as early as possible, proactively, before support is needed, and often while the other party is still a potential customer.
A few examples of how we build, strengthen and enhance our relationship with our customers include:
  • GTAC Welcome Program During the GTAC welcome, a dedicated regional manager will spend time with a new or potential customer getting to know their business priorities. The regional manager takes the time to define our state of the art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, our Customer Engagement Management (CEM) methodologies, innovations and processes, and encourages the customer to utilize our team of experts as an extension of their team.
  • Transparent Support Methodology The Enterasys Online Case Management (OCM) tool allows customers direct access into the CRM engine of the call center. This provides customers interactive access to open cases, current updates, 12 month activity reports in addition to instant access to support engineering and the GTAC management team.
  • Engaged (accessible) GTAC Management Team Regardless of where you are on the globe our customers/partners have direct access to the dedicated regional support managers, who are fully engaged with our customer interactions.
  • Proactive Versus Reactive Engagements At Enterasys we want to be engaged proactively. Let us be your trusted advisor on any network related project– whether it be a simple firmware upgrade or a complete network refresh. Let’s work together as business partners to ensure your network is running securely and efficiently based on your business needs.
We are not satisfied until we have earned the right to be classified as your favorite technology vendor and trusted advisor. Anything short of that means we have to work harder and we will!
We are proud to live by our ethos “There is nothing more important than our customers.” Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

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