June 24, 2013

Dawn of a New Era – Networked Apps ‘Ignite’ Applications Summit in Chicago

We often hear about the promise of ultra-fast Internet connections, such as a Gigabit Ethernet, extending to citizens and employees within some of the towns and smaller communities across the United States, getting high technology to the underserved rather than just big cities.  It’s a real challenge that must be overcome.  That is where US Ignite comes in. Founded in June 2012 at the White House, is a national program that has committed itself fully to this cause. They have brought together impressive leadership and a group of technology vendors and government partners, all the way to the community level.

US Ignite’s goal is addressing the one thing that really matters most: identifying applications that help these communities.  This is because ultra-fast connectivity is a great thing, but it is the supported applications that will spark imaginations to drive investment and the change that is necessary to “ignite” broadband.

Extreme Networks collaborated for the “Networking The Future” event in the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina, in December 2012.

And this week we have another great opportunity for creators and users to collaborate, with the US Ignite Application Summit.  This event recognizes US Ignite’s first birthday, and is taking place in Chicago this week (June 24th-26th). It will showcase all of the exciting progress that has been made and the next-generation applications that are in development.

Bithika Khargharia, a senior engineer with Extreme Networks will be presenting at the event.

She has worked for a decade in technology development concerning “green” technologies for energy efficient networking and more recently her focus has been on Software Defined Networking.

Bithika’s most recent innovation is a new application, specifically targeted for use by Healthcare Providers and patient care facilities. The application will enable secure and tiered access to resources over a network that is more optimized (and a lot less clumsy!) for the end-user experience, called Medelight.  Medelight is a policy -based; on-demand system that allows for access anytime, anywhere and over any connected device.  In the demo this week, Medelight will employ Software-Defined Networking technology to showcase policy-optimized networks that is differentiated with Quality of Service and leverages the network intelligence of a user’s identity, location, the application being used, and duration on the network.  Using Medelight, a doctor can rapidly gain access to authorized Patient Health Information (PHI) records while other people on the same network with lower access policy can also get their own Internet and applications.


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