Extreme Campus Fabric – Installation and Configuration

Associated Certifications

Campus Fabric – Installation and Configuration

Course Duration

2 Days

Delivery Method

Available as Classroom Instructor-led training and Virtual Instructor-led training

Who should attend

This course is designed as the first step for individuals responsible for the installation, configuration and management of the Extreme Networks Campus Fabric Connect switches.

Mandatory Prerequisite

“Introduction to Fabric” is a mandatory pre-requisite and must be completed before registering for Campus Fabric – Installation and Configuration. Students should possess a solid grasp of LAN concepts, including advanced Ethernet and TCP/IP and have referenced and be comfortable with the concepts of Fabric networking Covered in the Campus Fabric Introduction Course.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  • To deploy Extreme Networks Fabric Connect solutions based on reference architectures from Extreme Networks customer scenarios
  • Take the Campus Fabric – Installation and Configuration exam


To deploy Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect is the goal of the course. Students experience the deployment process from the beginning to completion learning all the essential steps and technologies. Lectures are supported equally with hands-on experience on VSPs, Universal Hardware 5520, ERS, and EXOS. Successful completion results in an operational SPBM fabric with L2VSN, L3VsN, IP-Shortcuts, Fabric Attach and VIST Core Switch Pair.

Course agenda

Fabric Deployment Options

  • Automation and Onboarding Options
  • Intelligent Ports

VSP Switch Management

  • Switching Portfolio
  • Software Management and Upgrade
  • Management Interfaces

Fabric Connect Infrastructure

  • BVLANs
  • IS-IS global parameters
  • IS-IS interfaces and adjacencies

Fabric Management

  • CFM
  • IP Shortcuts
  • Mgmt CLIP


  • L2VSN Configuration
  • UNI port configuration
  • Multicast


  • VRF routing
  • Route Redistribution
  • Inter-VSN Routing

VIST Core Switch Pair

  • Redundancy on the edge of Fabric
  • SMLT Configuration