May 06, 2014

The Wireless Opportunity for Solution Providers

Wireless technology is greatly impactful, changing the experiences we have at work, how quickly and efficiently we learn and even entertain ourselves.  

Today I cannot think of a customer that doesn’t require a wireless network for access for its employees, guests, business partners and even machines such as HVAC systems or toll taking machines in a college parking lot.   

The mobile opportunity is as clear as ever. The wireless LAN industry is expected to grow unit shipments by 91 percent by 2018 and reach revenue of $6.5B, according to the market forecast by the Dell’Oro Group.

As solution providers, there is no better time to be engaging with Extreme Networks, we have an absolutely incredible WLAN offering – it is called IdentiFi. We address the big issues in scaling wireless: 

  • Extreme offers a total solution for the network edge with fast Wi-Fi connectivity, industry leading analytics and end-to-end network management.
  • IdentiFi is already battle-tested in the harsh environments of outdoor stadiums in the NFL among other challenging deployments. We are ready for anything!
  • Customers will make their evaluations of mobility based on the complete wireless systems architecture, meaning the control plane, software and management.  WE have you covered.

By working with the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) to enable mobility with customers, you get a complete solution for your customers.  If you’re already selling Extreme’s networking solutions, we can help you accelerate your sales cycle, fuel your growth with the programs you need and back you up with 100 percent in-sourced, award-winning support services.  What’s more, now, with the refreshed IdentiFi wireless networking portfolio, we can help you meet your customers’ connectivity needs, even as you expand your business in those accounts in the quarters to come.

If you haven’t yet partnered with Extreme and heard about IdentiFi, I invite you to connect with us.  Visit Why Extreme Partner Network

These are exciting times and we look forward to engaging with you to help customers.


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About The Contributor:
Theresa CaragolVice President, Worldwide Channels

Theresa Caragol is the vice president, worldwide channels for Extreme Networks. Caragol brings a 18-year track record of building channel and distribution organizations in the networking industry. Theresa oversees the strategy and execution for Extreme Networks worldwide channels, including 1,500 partners in more than 50 countries. Caragol’s strong leadership was recently recognized with a gold level Golden Bridge award in the program director category. 2014 also marks the third year in a row Caragol has received the prestigious designation of CRN Magazine's 50 Most Influential Leaders in 2014 and that comes at the heels of several other channel honors including CRN's 2013 Most Powerful Women of the Channel list by UBM Tech Channel. Caragol has communications degrees from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, she obtained her executive master's degree from Georgetown.

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