March 11, 2013

The Web Content Filtering Dilemma…Solved

Imagine being able to allow access to the Internet, applications and content based on user, location or classroom without impeding learning?  As the use of mobile devices in K-12 school districts has continued to grow, district IT has struggled with the balancing act of protecting the students on school property while maintaining an openness to promote educational value and inquiry through the use of mobile technologies. As a result, K-12 school districts have been forced to use web filters that severely restrict access to web sites and applications, limiting the learning potential the Internet provides and leading to the growing discontent of teachers and students who perceive IT-implemented content filters to be too controlling and limiting.

Thanks to our recent partnership with iboss Security, we have finally solved the web content filtering dilemma.  We are joining our Enterasys Mobile IAM BYOD solution with iboss Enterprise SWG Web Filters to bring K-12 school districts easy-to-manage, dynamic location-based application filtering.  Designed to help K-12 districts successfully manage Internet and application access to a vast number of devices in an environment of diverse needs, the joint Enterasys-iboss Security solution offers the flexibility required to meet today’s instruction needs without placing an additional burden on the district IT staff – all while protecting students and complying with regulations. And iboss is part of a larger ecosystem of technology partners who integrate with Enterasys through our OneFabric Connect solution, providing more choices for customers to work with best of breed vendors.

With the joint solution, web access can be tailored by device, student, location and even time-of-day. This means schools can offer up social apps like Facebook and YouTube to students after school when they are waiting for the bus in the gym, cafeteria or library, but not in the classroom.  Similarly, a business teacher can request access to a specific site, such as eBay, and access will only be delivered to a specific classroom or to specific c students. It’s all the benefits of the Internet with none of the burdens!

You can learn how location-based filtering can benefit your K-12 school district by reading our press release or visiting our solution guide.

About The Contributor:
Daren DulacDirector of Business Development & Technology Alliances

Daren Dulac is the Director of Business Development and Technology Alliances for Extreme Networks. Dulac spends the majority of his time developing strategic alliances for the company, including with such market leading firms as Palo Alto Networks, Egenera, R66T and Pivot3.

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