June 30, 2014

The Wearable Phenomenon

There is nothing better than a technology breakthrough, giving people access in whole new ways to what they love, what they do and how they perceive things.  Google Glass, like Apple’s iPhone, is one of these big moments.

Yes it is expensive right now to own Glass, but then so were home PC’s in 1984.  But once you wear a Glass and pair it up with a Wi-Fi network, the excitement starts. There are endless possibilities.

A great example is Extreme  partner, CrowdOptic, based right here in San Francisco.  I can tell you the things they are doing for arenas and football stadiums is phenomenal.   With the help of CrowdOptic,  sports stadiums and basketball arenas of the NBA, like the Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings, are becoming capable to show Google Glass views on the stadiums jumbo-trons.  And beyond that, with emerging applications. In addition to the streaming video, bringing new perspectives to fans, CrowdOptic technology also has the “smarts” to determine what the majority of Google Glass wearers are viewing at any giving moment.  This way, the excitement rises to the top.

In fact, Extreme Networks today outfits the Philadelphia Eagles with an ultra fast Wi-Fi network over the last year. And for this upcoming football season, Lincoln Financial Field will also support the CrowdOptic technology as a test project, and will be one of the first outdoor pro teams to use it.   Also, warming up to the Fall, on June 1st Extreme participated in a concept trial with CrowdOptic and NBC, for the Rugby Sevens championships, also held at PLL Stadium. The refs wore Google Glass right in the middle of the action.

To this end, Extreme is working hard to continually boost wireless performance, especially outdoors. We just launched our latest “ac” based WLAN technology and its primed for big things.   Also, see this article from Tech Target, talking about how the New England Patriots have  capitalized on this incredible performance and consistent coverage at Gillette stadium.

The future, as usual, is quite exciting.  Hope to see you at the game!

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