October 29, 2012

The Summit X460 – The Other Little Switch that Could

The Bottom Line on Tolly Tests of the Extreme Networks Summit X460

The Bottom Line: Tolly Test Results of the Extreme Networks Summit X460

At Extreme Networks we focus on one thing – building the best Ethernet switches in the world. We know that the gear we build is good, but sometimes it is helpful to get some outside, 3rd party validation. That is why we recently asked the Tolly Group for some help and for good reason. Tolly has been around since 1989 and over 65% of the Fortune 100 turn to Tolly Reports for help with strategic technology decisions. Recently we ran both the Summit X440 and the Summit X460 through the Tolly gauntlet, with Summit X440 Tolly Test Results here and Summit X460 Tolly Test Results here.

Long and short of it is that the Summit X460 delivered 100% of theoretical throughput across all frame sizes, including jumbo. With 48 Gbe ports and 2 10Gbe ports all running flat out, the Summit X460 only dissipates 76.4 watts, less than a single old school incandescent light bulb.

The Extreme Networks Summit X460

Another Little Switch that Could: The Extreme Networks Summit X460

Which brings us to the subject of green. Part of building the best Ethernet in the world is building switches that not only are cost effective to buy but also cost effective to own, i.e. it doesn’t stop with CAPEX, rather OPEX is an important part of the equation as well. We help make owning the best affordable with some simple things – we build low power consumption into the switches from day one. We also run a single operating system, ExtremeXOS, edge to core, which reduces operational complexity and costs. We also make our CLI, Ridgeline Management and Screenplay web GUI easy and intuitive, reducing cost, complexity and training overhead. Another neat feature is heterogeneous stacking – when building an Extreme Networks virtual chassis (connecting individual switches with SummitStack), you can mix and match switches from different Summit series, making it easier to leverage earlier investments. More on SummitStack is available here.

A network is more than a collection of switches and a switch is more than just the sum of its speeds and feeds. When we put enough attention into the details, it makes life easier for our customers and in the end, that is what it is all about.

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