January 22, 2013

The Life Critical Wireless Network: mHealth without Limits

The Life Critical Wireless Network is a system that must be pervasive, constantly available, and have the faith of the clinicians and caregivers that rely on the connectivity to do their day to day jobs.  These jobs consist of everything from EHR access and CPOE, to interfacing with wireless devices that are required for life-saving procedures.

Recently, an article was published in Forbes regarding The Clinical Connectivity Gap in healthcare IT.  This gap refers to when a wireless network only has 99% availability and how this isn’t sufficient for the needs of physicians and caregivers when lives are on the line.  This point was brought home by our customer Bill Byers, Chief Information Officer at Western Maryland Health System when he stated “connectivity isn’t glamorous, it’s essential.  We thought we had great coverage, but then we realized that 99% was not good enough.  Clinical confidence declined in our system as they looked for ways to work around the system.  Once we implemented our Enterasys IdentiFi Wi-Fi solution, our coverage increased to 100% and our BMV system now functions flawlessly and is widely adopted by our clinical staff.”

What exactly is the “Life-Critical Wireless Healthcare Network”?  We asked noted wireless subject matter expert, David Hoglund of Integra Systems to expand on this topic with his white paper entitled “The Reality of the Life-Critical Wireless Healthcare Network”.  We asked David to define the challenges of deploying wireless in a clinical environment, and how a CIO can accommodate the nature of “continuously available” Wi-Fi.  We welcome you to download this white paper as well as visit Mr. Hoglund’s blog Healthcare Wireless and Device Connectivity.

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