March 21, 2013

The Game-Day Challenge Infographic: Providing Wi-Fi Access to 68,000 Fans

The New England Patriots have long stood out as one of the top organizations in the NFL – a success that has led to their worldwide brand recognition.  For this reason, Enterasys is proud to have been chosen as the vendor of choice for their in-stadium wireless networking communication needs. And we are happy to be a central part of their continued quest in enhancing the game day experience.

The Call for a Complete Wi-Fi Solution

The task of providing Wi-Fi access in the hyper-dense confines of a stadium was not without its own unique set of challenges.  Until recently, density issues have prevented most sporting arenas from even considering complete wireless coverage; and instead, fans have had to accept spotty at best network access.

But as Patriot fans continued to clamor for the ability to stay connected regardless of where they were in the stadium, it became evident that a pervasive Wi-Fi solution was necessary. Providing partial access, restricted to designated areas or networking suites would not be enough.  And so, Enterasys and the Patriots began working on a wireless  networking solution that would not only allow fans to access their applications of choice anywhere in the stadium, but one that also provided exclusive in-game applications – featuring instant replays, coach-to-player communications and on-field conversations between referees during plays.

Answering the Wi-Fi Challenge in a Hyper Dense Environment

So how did Enterasys attack this challenge? How did we work around the density and access challenges that have long prevented continuous stadium Wi-Fi access from becoming a reality?

In this video, I share my insights on what it took to overcome these unique challenges:

The following infographic offers a detailed  explanation of the Enterasys Wi-Fi Gillette Stadium solution – providing a deep dive into the challenges of deploying the wireless network at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots Infographic

If you are interested in learning more about how Enterasys is working to improve the in-stadium game day experience, visit our New England Patriots Partnership page.

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