August 21, 2013

The Falcons and the Cloud

In 1962, copy writer Paula Green made advertising history with a very simple line she penned for Avis. “We Try Harder.” At Extreme, the attitude captured by this line resonates strongly. We are a small company and we have to try harder. Fortunately for us, our partners work the same way and in this case it worked out well for Falcon School District 49 in Colorado in the western United States.

Fourth grader William Ramirez, 9, uses an Apple iPad.

Here’s the secret, as a small networking company, we are simply not big enough to be in touch with all of our customers. That is where our partners come in. For many customers, it is the solution partner, like Falcon Broadband, who serves as the face of Extreme and it is by their work and efforts that we succeed or fail, for even the highest performance, best built switches in the world work poorly if not installed and configured well.

We have always been believers in education and building networks for .EDU is an important part of our business. So it was no surprise when, together with Falcon Broadband, we were selected by the Falcon School District (do we have enough Falcons yet?) over four other bidders to supply the new network for the school district.

Ninth grader ShaeLynn Rickert, 14, listens to guidance for online coursework.

The bid was won in February, 2013 and the network had to be up by August. No problem, right? Well, in this case that new network was a little bit more than just putting some purple boxes in a wiring closet, it also involved pulling 15 miles of new fiber to connect 20 facilities including nine elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools serving 15,000 students.

Falcon Broadband showed they were serious about trying harder when they ran into some unexpectedly tough sandstone. Trenching fiber in soft  dirt or even clay is hard enough, but it gets really tough when you end up having to go through miles of rock. In the end, they were able to pull it off and in the end, all the schools were lit up by 1 August for the start of the school year.

Falcon brought the cloud to the Falcons.

Falcon Broadband – they try harder too.

Would you like to learn more? Here’s the press release.



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