September 13, 2013

The Enterasys Open Online Course (MOOC) Experience

We’ve now completed the first class (Data Networking Fundamentals) of the Enterasys massive open online course (MOOC) program and the interest and participation continues to expand at a global level.   With the recent launching of our Wireless LAN Fundamentals and Data Center Basics courses, students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can take advantage of our foundation-style subjects as building blocks for their future advancement.  Our succinct lecture-style video delivery with integrated questioning to confirm students are both engaged and learning is a great way for students to learn outside of the classroom and about topics they are most interested in.

Global Student Base

More than 1,000 students from 40 different countries signed up to attend our Data Networking Fundamentals course, with roughly 4 percent of the student completing the class.  Not a bad start, since recent studies have shown that completion averages for massive open online courses is approximately 7 percent.  We also continue to receive positive feedback from our MOOC students as well; here are a few quotes:

Courtney Young ‏@Cocacy6 Aug

@Cam_Marchand @Enterasys congrats on launching the MOOC! I am currently taking a lot of MOOC courses & something like this would interest me!

Israel Rosas R. ‏@irosasr5 Aug

Resulta que Enterasys ofrece un MOOC sobre redes para la comunidad politécnica #ETSMOOC.

Julian Cely ‏@July_mReKo9 Jul

Recomiendo a todos mis amigos que quieran estudiar y reforzar conceptos en Networking y Wireless acceder al  #ETSMOOC

Academic Validation

While the Enterasys MOOC curriculum is not designed to replace existing structured “university-style” learning, it is a great method for both current and post university students to gain professional development.   Rodrigo Cadena, the IT Career Director from Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC, Campus Cuitláhuac) stated that “It is a part that is not given here at the University and encourages students to have a greater knowledge in other areas. It is a plus in their careers. It is a certification of value for their professional development, so that they can get more opportunities in the workforce.”

We also had several higher education institutions in North America recommend our MOOC offering to their students as a complement to their existing IT curricula.  These include:

Enterasys worked with the team at Instituto Politécnico Nacional in crafting the following message that was tweeted out to their entire student population as well.


Participa en el entrenamiento en línea que Enterasys ofrece a la comunidad politécnica. #ETSMOOC

#ETSMOOC Roadmap

So what does the future for #ETSMOOC have in store?  We are working on our fourth course, entitled Security Concepts discussing the history of network security and the evolution a number of security concepts, which is targeted for launching in the fall timeframe as well as our Introduction to the Internet course (launch timeframe early next year). We are also working with several adjunct instructors on the potential for different language support as well.  Remember, anyone can sign up for Enterasys MOOC at; there are no prerequisites and no charges.  All we ask is you are interested to learn.

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