September 03, 2013

The Enterasys Commitment to Delivering the Highest Quality Experience [Infographic]

At Enterasys, we view our job as creating CIO heroes and rock stars. A wake-up call went out when the Harvard Business Review reported that 75% of CEOs believe that their CIO is underperforming their peers. Today, every employee wants to stay connected and have access to their applications and business tools, all the time. When that access is interrupted, the CIO and IT get the blame.  We believe that only by delivering the highest quality experience to users, will CIOs remain relevant to their businesses. This is how we build our products and solutions – to enable the CIO to become the Chief Innovation Officer.

Innovation in IT comes from harnessing the five megatrends of mobile, apps, social, cloud, and big data; turning these into competitive advantage. We understand these megatrends, because we committed to them early and baked them into our networks.

We are a BYOD organization with 1000 employees. All of our customer-facing employees, like sales and services, have multiple mobile devices; we’re highly connected and highly secure. We have visibility and control all the way to the wireless user on their smart devices. Our CIO thinks mobile first, and often mobile-only. And that’s our advice to CIOs who want to remain relevant: think mobile first, always connected, and highly secure.

The statistics in terms of app usage are stunning: 47,000 apps downloaded every 60 seconds. Two years ago Enterasys recognized this app economy and commissioned our engineering organization to build a solution that would provide visibility, insight and control of application usage in the enterprise. Today, we model our employees and we know that on average there are 35 apps on every smart device that employees carry on our campus. We use our understanding and capabilities in our Coreflow technologies and our OneFabric architecture to provide a solution whereby we can model every single app on every employee device on both wired and wireless ports.

Social is a trend that isn’t going away. It’s only going to increase. As a CIO, you need the comfort to embrace social. Social should not be a scary thing. When you have 100% visibility and control into all activities and social traffic traversing the enterprise network that we provide, then social is not scary.

An important part of social is being accessible. When we meet a customer we give them a business card; they have our email, they have our cell phone, they have our Twitter account. Enterasys is made up of accessible, hyper-connected teams working for a highly accessible company.

Ten years ago, we moved our most sensitive data, including sales and service information, to the cloud. We had complete confidence in the infrastructure which we had built and come to rely on; knowing that our flow-based CoreFlow visibility and control was all we needed to comfortably move our applications to the cloud. Our network management team has been able to use our own technology and deliver a secure model for an on-premise solution leveraging cloud.

Over the last two years, our services business has won six Stevie awards. Stevie is a global consortium that evaluates the best innovation in the market across companies of all sizes. One reason we have been able to win these Stevie awards is the use of predictive analytics and big data in our services business; where we have shifted the focus from a defensive-oriented service organization to an offensive, pre-emptive service delivery.  As the only networking manufacturing company in the world that continues to deliver flow-based intelligence using our Coreflow2 custom ASICs, we are all about delivering contextual understanding that can only come from a large volume set of data. We are a great broker contributing to the big data analytical engine that businesses can unlock to identify areas for growth.

Technology is not worth anything if you don’t have the people who possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to enable the technology through the consultative selling, delivery, support, and education processes. We believe in our principles, culture and organization; and it all starts with our people.  Based on customer, market, and partner feedback, our service and support is second-to-none. Our net promoter score and our innovation awards confirm this, and our goal is continuous improvement.

We treat our partners like our employees; with the same training, the same sales enablement approach, and the same incentive programs. Our nearly 500 global partners range in size from large system integrators like Siemens Enterprise Communications, to small 1-2 person organizations who have a fiercely committed and loyal customer base.

It’s very hard to do simple. Doing simple right is a very expensive, thoughtful endeavor. Over the past ten years, our engineering and R&D teams have invested over $1B+ to create a solutions architecture that can meet the simple, scalable end-to-end requirements we have as our guiding principles. This is why our customers with 50,000 Ethernet ports can be managed by IT staffs of two. This means you can be strategic as an IT organization. Our Wi-Fi mobility solutions, data center solutions, and unified management products provide innovation from access edge to distribution to core.

We have a solid architecture that supports the innovation that we bring to market. Still, these products are complex switches and routers and access points and network management; and the only time any product is completely defect-free is when it is obsolete. So you need to know that your vendor will be there to support your installation. We can provide the highest possible level of quality support because we are insourced and because our employees have long tenure, averaging 12 years. All of our customer service professionals are engineering degreed and certified pros. All of our customer service professionals are employees of Enterasys – we use zero outsourcing. We make the investment in service and support because we understand the importance of it.

Enterasys has a long-standing heritage of recognition for quality and innovation. As the infographic shows, customers and analysts give us top grades for our products, service and support, and for providing a platform for their success.  Our north star, the compass that us, is our motto, “There is nothing more important than our customers”.

Enterasys: Network-Powered INNOVATION. Delivering the highest quality experience

Enterasys: Network-Powered INNOVATION. Delivering the highest quality experience

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