July 09, 2013

The Changing World of an Engaged Economy


“Things that one day seemed impossible seem inevitable in retrospect.”

–Condoleezza Rice

The world has changed. In the last several years, consumer adoption of emerging technologies has dramatically disrupted the business landscape. The pace is so rapid that most businesses are struggling to grasp the changes in consumer preferences, tastes and behaviors.

To drive growth, companies need to evolve from rigid, transaction-based infrastructures to agile, nimble, always-connected customer-centric enterprises.  Yesterday’s mode of operations simply cannot move fast enough to keep up with the speed of change in this new global economy. Today, expertise and information is distributed across many people, resources and locations, and it needs to be connected to collaborate quickly and effectively.

The Engaged Economy is about a living, breathing, socially aware and connected business that can adapt to the ever changing real-time environment. At Enterasys, we see the future through a different lens. The tenants of an engaged and social business are infused into our culture, networks, products and customer service.  Enterasys is as much connected internally as it is outside with our valuable customers, partners and allies that help us create the engaged business.

These are the most exciting times of our lives and I look forward to sharing the best practices and emerging techniques that are working for us on this blog with all of you.

Welcome to the Engaged Economy.




About The Contributor:
Chris CrowellChief Operating Officer

Chris Crowell was Chief Operating Officer of Extreme Networks. Crowell brought more than 20 years of leadership experience to the role – building collaborative organizations with customer focus, while driving profitable revenue growth for technology companies. Crowell was responsible for all aspects of the Extreme Networks sales and marketing operations and is the former CEO of Enterasys Networks.

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