Business Decisions Based on Data Intelligence


Networks should be a critical source for collecting and analyzing meaningful business intelligence. All application data that flows over the network can now be aggregated, analyzed, correlated, and reported to improve decision making.


Purview delivers analytics to help organizations understand how to improve user experience, meet the growing needs of users, optimize network performance, and increase organizational efficiency.


The data center is changing.

Transforming your data center with the Extreme Networks solution.

Meeting these new demands calls for solutions that can optimize existing data center technologies and make them better, resulting in greater performance and network simplicity, while meeting today’s demanding security standards – all at a lower cost.

  • Simplifies complex data center processes
  • Makes them more agile with the SDN-based integration of intelligent services
  • Increases utilization to make them more efficient
  • Allows IT to optimize their performance while providing visibility and control

Demands are increasing, not only in terms of raw speed but also scale, where there are multiple virtual systems on a single physical host, increasing the need to support more routes, addresses, and flows. Extreme Networks brings simplicity, agility, and optimized performance to your most strategic business asset.


It's time to redefine mobility.

With the prolific growth of mobile devices, users are driving network requirements to be productive in schools, hospitals, the workplace, and public places.

Canada's largest convention center deploys a differentiated WLAN service.

Access to information

With a new level of identity awareness, IT has the capability to deliver an end-user experience with pervasive, high-quality and uninterrupted access to information, content, and applications.

Are you ready for a world transformed by Wi-Fi?

Extreme Networks makes pervasive mobility possible by delivering just the right technology with personalized resource support, with the visibility and control you need for continuous traffic flow, security, and simplified maintenance.


The evolution of network agility and programmability: SDN.

Software Defined Networking makes your network more open, flexible, and agile, which enables service providers and businesses to rapidly adapt to the demands of today's organizations and anticipate future challenges, with the added benefit of increased automation based on simplification of the architecture.


Extreme Networks can help you quickly connect your data center to the cloud without changing the underlying physical network.

Our Software Defined Networking solution incorporates the following key components:

  • Centralized management and control of both network and third-party systems
  • Programmability of virtualization and application integration
  • Open via XML/SOAP-based API
  • Support for OpenFlow, OpenStack, VMware, Citrix XEN and Microsoft Hyper-V

Network security and compliance

Extreme Networks solutions are fully standards-based and designed for open interoperability to protect the enterprise’s existing investments and are leveraged to:

  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of data as it traverses the network infrastructure
  • Prioritize and control access to critical information, including managing guest access
  • Identify, isolate, and automatically remediate security incidents
  • Report on compliant and non-compliant states of end systems, applications, and services, both real-time and at historical intervals



Network convergence - Integrating voice and video networks

Enterprises worldwide need to satisfy the reliability, quality, manageability, mobility, and security requirements of integrated voice, video, and data services, all of which are essential elements of unified communications.

To meet these challenges, organizations demand networking solutions that provide both wired and wireless access as well as automated traffic prioritization capabilities to support today’s multimedia business applications.


Network convergence – Intelligent physical security: A new approach to Physec.

Extreme Networks improves Physical Security by increasing network reliability, centralizing management, lowering deployment time and cost, and scaling to meet changing requirements over time. Our Physical Security solutions enhance endpoint control and provide greater visibility into the overall performance of your security ecosystems.



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