April 29, 2015

Surfs Up! The IoT Wave is Rolling Into Your Data Center

Internet of Things

Day 1 at Interop 2015: Part 1

Internet of Things

With 300+ exhibitors, industry-leading keynotes, vendor tech sessions, and networking events, Interop 2015 is in full swing at the beautiful Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. This week, I will be attending a wide variety of educational sessions that cover various tracks like SDN, Mobility, Infrastructure and many more. Stay tuned for my day one: part two recap, as well as day two and day three coverage of Interop. As for day one, the hype the Internet of Things was brought to light. 

IoT’s Potential Impact on Your Data Center

What does going from 7 billion connected devices in 2014 to more than 40 billion in 2020 do to your data center and infrastructure strategy? The truth is, no one really knows for sure. Jason Mendenhall hosted a terrific session this morning and gave insightful perspective: the impact will be significant, but it’s not as obvious as “just more stuff.” The industry will see new opportunities arise and new stresses occur. He shined a light on the subject and gave food for thought on next steps for organizations facing this massive growth.

According to a study by Gartner, the Internet of Things phenomenon has reached the very “Peak of Inflated Expectations”. We are currently at the beginning of the adoption curve before the explosion of the “Internet of Everything” is going to take hold. Jason outlined the three waves of IoT adoption and what they will consist of:

  • First wave – networked consumer electronics
  • Second wave – networked enterprise electronics
  • Third wave – networked everything

The issue with all of these connected devices accessing the network is the vast influx of data. Unstructured data became the norm, and it may be very insightful, high quality data, but there’s nowhere to put it. Jason stated that we must stop thinking of IT as a tool to cut the cost of IT.

Jason explained that the data center is becoming the modern day railroad – it is bridging how we move and store data. Pushing large amounts of data out to the cloud isn’t always the most cost-effective if you already have a team that works with that infrastructure – 50 terabits seems to be the tipping point to keep the data in-house.

He threw the question out there, is cloud the answer? With a very interesting take on it, he outlined the cons of cloud for the enterprise, with examples like:

  • Limited hybrid cloud capability
  • Some providers have demonstrated a clear desire to “enter your business”
  • Performance is lacking
  • Starts “cheap” ends up very expensive
  • Still a black box
  • Connectivity costs are unpredictable
  • “Handcuffs” are on the horizon – vendors looking to lock-in

His big concern was that when it comes to your core business, why would you take that data, move it into someone else’s platform and make it so you can never leave that platform?

The amount of data that is flowing through the network as a result of IoT is going to come back and it will need a place to live. As for the infrastructure that supports that flowing data, agility is essential. Big Data and the Internet of Things are increasing exponentially. High performance, low latency networks are critical to the future success of coping with the cross between the two. How ready is your network?

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