Professional Services

When challenged to implement and manage your most critical business asset, trust the proven expertise of our professionals to ensure success.

The difference between a good IT project and a great one begins before you make the first purchase.

Extreme Networks Professional Services offers expert assistance in assessing, planning, and designing the optimum solution to meet your unique business needs.


Assessment services

Technical expertise and methodologies to assess the availability, operations, and vulnerability of your network.

Your organization requires change but it is difficult to know where to start.

Extreme Networks Professional Services can help you take the first step with our assessment services for availability, security, network performance and operations, wireless, and government compliance.

Assessments also include an analysis of potential improvements, such as firmware upgrades and architecture enhancements.


Project management

Meeting the business demands and compliance requirements for more complex network projects. 

Our project managers have years of experience working with network infrastructure and security technologies and our methodologies are based on the Project Management Institute’s best practices.



The “how-to” required to build a world-class networking environment.

Designing your network for scalability and perpetual change is a critical step that ensures interoperability with new technologies. Extreme Networks Certified Professional Experts can assist you in the build-out and design of your new network or the augmentation or migration of an existing network.


Advanced integration services

Focused expertise to help you successfully deploy and manage complex multi-technology or multi-vendor solutions.

Information is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. How you process, store, move, and manage that information is critical to your success.

That’s why you need a network that effectively and securely links employees, customers, and suppliers to important information when and where they need it.

Network design – Our highly trained, experienced technicians are available to help you with your toughest integration projects, from virtual private networking to intrusion detection and much more.  

Technology migration – Extreme Networks Technology Migration service helps you choose the right technologies to meet your business objectives and maximize your competitive advantage, leveraging our unique combination of industry experience, technical knowledge, and a disciplined industry-standard approach to safely integrate leading-edge technologies into a seamless, highly productive environment.


Implementation services

From basic installation to complex projects, the Extreme Networks networking experts can meet your implementation needs.

Extreme Networks Professional Services Implementation Service provides access to highly skilled and experienced networking specialists for all implementation related activities, including:

  • Design review
  • Staging
  • Implementation
  • Project management

Basic installation services –  Ideal for reducing the demand on limited resources and expediting network projects, our certified technicians and partners will ensure that the product is functioning and configured according to the basic network design you provide, delivering a great head start to your projects.

Advanced implementation services – Our network professionals supply the resources necessary to ensure a successful implementation of the network infrastructure products deployed in your environment and reduce the day-to-day involvement required of your personnel.

Technical training

A modular approach to technical training focused on practical, hands-on learning that’s relevant to supporting and optimizing your Extreme Networks solution.

With your busy schedule it’s hard to find time to obtain the essential product or solution training you need. Fortunately, the Extreme Networks Educational Services team makes it easy by offering three convenient training methods:

  • Traditional live classroom
  • Live web-based training
  • Self-paced learning with downloadable courseware

In addition, our curriculum has expanded dramatically in recent months to offer the specific Secure Networks courses you need from both a business and technical perspective.

A multitude of ongoing support options, including quarterly optimization efforts, firmware reviews, reliability testing, etc.

Global infrastructure services

Extreme Networks is a global company offering comprehensive sales, service, and support capability to thousands of customers worldwide.

As a global supplier of Secure Networks™ technology, Extreme Networks offers comprehensive global solutions to our worldwide customer base.

The Extreme Networks global services infrastructure combines multiple tiers of technical support, interoperability labs, parts stocking locations, and field engineers to deliver a broad array of services ranging from basic repair services to high-end deployment and consulting services.


Onsite management and support.

Highly technical on-site resources to augment your staff for as long as you need them.

If your organization has to do more – with fewer resources – we can help by stationing an Extreme Networks engineer at your location to provide service and support for your Extreme Networks products and solutions. They will work as part of your team, managing your infrastructure and performing many important day-to-day networking activities for your company.

Our onsite engineering resources are backed up by our Extreme Networks support team and can provide knowledge transfer to bring your team up to speed on the new environment and technologies.

Need to take full advantage of what’s already in your network?

Performance optimization

Extreme Networks Professional Services can review your current infrastructure and business processes and make recommendations for optimizing your current environment to maximize performance, reliability, or security.

Extreme Networks Professional Services can review your current infrastructure and business processes and make recommendations for improved optimization.

Extreme Networks Professional Services can provide the necessary information to fine-tune your environment for maximum performance. This includes refining both the technology and the business processes.

We can focus on the technology and work directly with the products and solutions, or we can look at the way your staff is currently doing their jobs. We offer recommendations on how to utilize the technology you have to streamline processes and maximize your valuable time.



Extreme Networks Professional Services will review your current security posture and recommend changes that can be performed by you or the Extreme Networks Professional Services engineer. These changes can include enabling or disabling features of your current Extreme Networks hardware, or enhancing policies to ensure the right people have access to the right information to do their jobs.


IT infrastructure

Our Technology Optimization Service will review the switching and routing configurations, the security posture and certify that your infrastructure is designed and configured for maximum functionality in accordance with your IT business needs.