Premier Support

Proactive Network Optimization and Management

As a supplement to your Maintenance agreement, Premier Support offer a closer connection between Extreme Networks and our customers, allowing for a more engaged and proactive customer experience. We work with your team directly, making recommendations on improvements to help provide you with the best overall network experience.

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One point of contact for taking care of your network, getting answers to questions and moving rapidly through support, available globally around-the-clock

 When you’re running a complex network, having a dedicated advocate from your vendor to attend to it is key to capturing trends early, ensuring your network is operating smoothly and keeping you focused on your ongoing goals rather than problem resolution. Your network empowers your business and end users—does the care you’re giving it match its value?

Whether you need a technical problem resolved fast, have a pressing question about a new network vulnerability or there’s a software upgrade on the horizon, a high-touch resource dedicated to your advocacy will ensure your network is always under close care, no matter where you are in the world.

At Extreme Networks, we believe in making the care and feeding of your network personal. There’s no need to submit a ticket and wait on a response. Your premier delivery manager will get answers for you right away.

What Extreme Networks Premier Services Delivers

  • Global, award-winning technical assistance available nonstop
  • High-touch, single point of contact
  • Priority case queuing
  • Comprehensive customer advocacy across the support spectrum, including service requests, product needs and information requests
  • Expertise in networking trends and best practices via your support team from a global customer set

Extreme Networks Premier Services are a global service that provide you with a personal advocate who will track every case from beginning to end.


  • Enjoy the responsive, high-touch networking expertise you need when things go wrong and take advantage of an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure.
  • Relieve your IT team from the demands of unfamiliar crisis scenarios and redirect their energies to the projects that align with their talents and contribute to business.
  • Count on a global support team with an average tenure of 12 years. No matter who you talk to, they’re wearing an Extreme Networks badge.
  • Rely on a single point of contact who will expedite your resolution. If you call with a critical problem, your premier delivery manager will work with you immediately, and from start to finish.

The Extreme Partnership You Can Count On

Extreme Networks Premier Services exist to advocate for your business and maintain a constant, proactive relationship. When you choose Extreme, you choose partnership, built on 100% in-sourced engineering expertise to solve your most pressing networking challenges. If the unexpected strikes, you’ll get an immediate response in every scenario. Gain high-touch protection for your Extreme network with Extreme Networks Premier Services.