Advanced Replacement

Processing an RMA

When you call the Global Technical Assistance Center the support engineer will record all pertinent information:

  • You will be assigned a “call tracking” number during the course of the call, regardless of whether the call results in an RMA or not. This is valuable for issues that span more than one phone call.
  • Support Engineers are required to troubleshoot down to the failed product or module to ensure the best possible support.
  • When the failure has been identified you will be notified of the correct action to take for your specific situation.
  • If your product is covered by a specific service contract or the product warranty your repair/replacement will be done as specified in your contract or warranty.
  • If your product is not covered by a specific contract or the product warranty you will be informed of the RMA repair cost and turnaround repair time, and then, at your option, an RMA number will be assigned to process the repair.
  • If you wish, you may use our On-Line RMA Request (link to to send your RMA request to our Technical Assistance Center). You will be emailed your RMA number and faxed a copy of the appropriate instructions.

You will be shipped an advanced replacement if the product is covered under a service contract agreement that includes an advanced replacement option

All returned units should be mailed to the following address:

2230 Outer Loop
Building 4, Dock 427-429
Louisville, KY 40219 USA
Ph: +1-502-961-4043
Attn: Extreme Networks Receiving

UPS SCS (Nederland) BV
Stanleyweg 8-10
5928 LR Venlo
The Netherlands.
Ph : 0031 (0) 77 3243600
Attn : Extreme Networks Receiving

UPS-Intra Asia Hub Civil Aviation Complex
Diosdado Macapagal International Airport
Clark Field, Pampaanga 2009
Ph: 6345-599-6256 Ext 358
Attn : Extreme Networks Receiving