Firmware Compliance

Addressing Potential Issues with Non-Compliant Firmware

Enterasys Networks is fully committed to helping your organization address compliance issues, including those mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. We encourage you to take advantage of innovative audit tools to assess your Enterasys Networks product inventory, as well as new product and service offerings.

What is Non-Compliant Firmware?

Like most technology companies, Enterasys Networks prevents copyright infringement and intellectual property theft by clearly licensing firmware. The firmware license is extended to the original end user for as long as the original end-user organization chooses at the time of purchase, provided that such end user has continued to comply with the applicable license.

Our firmware licenses apply to the specific revision of firmware at the time of the original product shipment from Enterasys Networks. This firmware license does not imply a right to subsequent firmware revision updates for any Enterasys Networks product.

Identifying Non-Compliant Firmware

The following circumstances present an “Out of License Compliance” condition:

  • Enterasys Networks products or components were purchased from or installed in your enterprise network by any unauthorized third party.  Find a reseller.
  • Any firmware update or revision has been installed on any Enterasys Networks product that does not have an active direct or indirect Enterasys Networks maintenance contract. (For instance, if a firmware revision update is installed on 20 Matrix E1 switches, but the Enterasys Networks maintenance agreement was active for only three of the units, then the other 17 switches are non-compliant.)
  • Enterasys Networks equipment is maintained by the end user and the end user has purchased and installed this equipment from a non-authorized source.
  • An unauthorized service provider upgrades your firmware with revisions that were not purchased directly form Enterasys Networks or an Enterasys Networks-authorized reseller or partner.
  • An unauthorized third-party maintenance provider replaces any Enterasys Networks device in your enterprise network that requires firmware to operate that device.

Steps to Resolve Non-Compliance

Enterasys Networks has implemented a Firmware Compliance Program to assist end users or their service providers in reviewing network assets to ensure and facilitate legal and licensing compliance. The compliance program follows a simple three-step process:

  1. Determine the number of Enterasys Networks products currently installed in your network that were not purchased from Enterasys Networks or Enterasys Networks-authorized resellers or partners.
  2. Determine the number of Enterasys Networks products that have had firmware updates installed and were not covered by a direct or indirect Enterasys Networks maintenance agreement.
  3. Contact your Enterasys Networks Sales Representative at (877) 801-7082 to secure the requisite firmware updates to achieve legal compliance. If your company requires assistance determining the firmware compliance level of your network, Enterasys Networks will assist you with an on-site Compliance Audit. Your Enterasys Networks Sales Representative can provide further details on this service.


Resources to Simplify the Process

Take advantage of these offerings to assist you in gathering the information relating to your network and possible non-compliant Enterasys products

  • Free Evaluation of NetSight Inventory Manager
    Customers may download a version of NetSight Inventory Manager (Tom has link to netsight eval page) to gather a system-level inventory of their Enterasys product. The results of the inventory would be used by Enterasys services to determine the scope and cost of bringing your network into compliance.
  • Firmware Compliance Audit
    For a more full-service approach, customers may choose the Firmware Compliance Audit from Enterasys Professional Services team. A qualified network consultant with experience in network analysis, design and deployment will perform the audit on site. Upon completion, you will receive a report detailing your complete Enterasys inventory, which will then be submitted to Enterasys to generate a quote for Firmware Compliance.

Contact your Enterasys Networks Sales Representative at (877) 801-7082 for more information on these audit solutions.

A Renewed Commitment to You

If you have any questions about how to ensure that your Enterasys Networks products are in full compliance, contact an Enterasys Networks Sales Representative at (877) 801-7082. We look forward to assisting you with this matter and reestablishing our commitment to your organization.