In addition, Enterasys requires that the following assumptions be true before any installation activities can commence.

  1. <<CUSTOMER>> shall appoint at least one <<CUSTOMER>> employee, who shall be responsible for ensuring that Enterasys has proper and timely access to all requested information, people, and other resources critical to the successful completion of the project.
  2. <<CUSTOMER>> shall provide Enterasys personnel with access to telephones, copying and fax facilities, and a work area appropriate for completing on-site project activities. For the duration of the time-period allotted for the project, Enterasys personnel shall be permitted on site for execution of project related tasks.
  3. <<CUSTOMER>> shall provide connectivity to the network. The server must be able to communicate (IP, PING, and SNMP) with all devices to be managed during the project.
  4. <<CUSTOMER>> shall provide supervisor or root privileges on all necessary machines to Enterasys, if applicable.
  5. Required hardware devices will have the minimum required firmware loaded. Additional services would be required to update firmware. These services are not included with this proposal.
  6. The network must be as stable as possible and functioning with no major reconfigurations scheduled during the implementation period.
  7. <<CUSTOMER>> shall coordinate internal scheduling with the appropriate agencies (including facility managers, security personnel, associated contractors, affected work communities, etc.), as required to meet the project start and completion dates.
  8. This implementation will be performed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.
  9. <<CUSTOMER>> will provide a secure storage place for all materials, tools, and test equipment, and accepts complete liability for loss, theft or damage.
  10. <<CUSTOMER>> will supply 120-Volt electrical outlets for all equipment used during the project.
  11. <<CUSTOMER>> will provide a waste receptacle for all debris produced during the project activities.
  12. <<CUSTOMER>> has determined that union labor is not required for this project.
  13. <<CUSTOMER>> has determined that prevailing wage regulations do not apply toward any personnel working on this project.
  14. Major moving or placement of furniture or equipment must be contracted separately.
  15. Major construction, electrical work or renovations must be contracted separately.
  16. Enterasys will not perform any work in environments involving asbestos, toxic or health risk chemicals, any personal hazards, or safety issues that have not been identified. <<CUSTOMER>> agrees to promptly notify Enterasys in writing if <<CUSTOMER>> becomes aware of such hazards while Enterasys is performing duties at <<CUSTOMER>>’s site. Enterasys may, at its sole discretion, cease work at the location where hazardous materials are present until such time as appropriate safety measures can be taken, or until <<CUSTOMER>> removes the hazardous materials. <<CUSTOMER>> agrees to reimburse Enterasys for any and all expenses incurred as a result of the presence of such hazards. In no event shall any delays caused by the breach of any terms or conditions related to the performance of services outlined in this proposal be construed as a breach on behalf of Enterasys.