Initial Network Connection and Configuration for EXOS Bridge

For Switches Running OS-NAME Software

NOTE: This is a temporary page. These instructions will be updated.

When you have connected power to the switch and verified LED activity, complete the setup process as follows:

  1. Connect a management station to the console port using either an Ethernet to serial adapter or a DB-9 serial cable.
  2. Verify that the system LEDs are on (solid green or blinking green).
  3. Using PuTTY, TeraTerm, or another terminal emulator, connect to the switch using the serial port connection. Be sure that your serial connection is set properly:
    • Baud rate: 115200 bps
    • Data bits: 8
    • Stop bit: 1
    • Parity: none
    • Flow control: none
  4. Log in to the switch. (Full instructions to come)
  5. Go to Extreme Networks eSupport at
  6. After logging in, go to the product registration page.
  7. Enter the switch’s serial number.
  8. Download the software to your PC from the software download page:
  9. Connect back to the switch using the console port and connect an Ethernet cable from the switch’s management port to your PC.
  10. Download and install the operating-system software. (Full instructions to come)
  11. When the download and install finishes, reboot the switch when prompted.