October 09, 2013

Stadium Wi-Fi Continues to Drive Sports Business Innovation

Last year around this time,  it was announced that Gillette Stadium (home of New England Patriots and MLS New England Revolution) would be adding public Wifi to support 70,000 fans.  Prior to the this, the Kraft Group went through a rigorous and thorough technical evaluation to select the RIGHT business partner for the Wi-Fi project, and based on the results of this evaluation, the Enterasys solution was selected hands down.

“We believe that well-constructed mobile applications – accessible through the Enterasys Wi-Fi network – will ultimately deliver content available nowhere else, truly differentiating the in-stadium experience from any other.  After reviewing all of the available technologies, it became clear to us that Enterasys was the only viable technical solution for providing this service today.”  – Jonathan Kraft, President, New England Patriots

When Enterasys first announced the project to provide the Wi-Fi infrastructure needed to connect fans at Gillette Stadium, many folks in our respective industries wondered if this would be a one-off project based on our business’s proximity to the venue.  Less than a year later, Enterasys has again proved its high density Wi-Fi technical expertise by adding several new stadium and arena customers, including the delivery of  Wi-Fi at Lincoln Financial Field – Home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles home opener had over 35% of their fans utilize the WiFi Network!   The metrics and analytics from our venues continue to impress, providing a complete differentiated solution unmatched in the industry.  Sports and entertainment ownership groups worldwide are taking notice that Enterasys is delivering a truly superior Wi-Fi solution to meet end-user and IT demands and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate.

“Enterasys, has a proven legacy of working with NFL organizations to transform Stadiums into highly interactive, digitally connected venues that take the  fan experience to the next level.”

Don Smolenski, President, Philadelphia Eagles

Recently,  it was announced that Enterasys is merging with Extreme Networks. The momentum Enterasys has built in the stadium space will be strengthened by combining these two organizations.  The Enterasys Stadium business is poised to capitalize on the company merger, adding R&D resources, sales, and engineering support to deliver what customers expect — a solid stadium Wi-Fi network to deliver the ultimate fan experience. This acquisition truly validates that solving mobility challenges in high density Wi-Fi environments is a strategic focus to our combined businesses.

We at Enterasys are thoroughly committed to our Stadium partners in providing tailored solutions with exceptional Wi-Fi performance.  This mindset is an integral part of our business culture; to take ownership of the quality of our products and stand behind our commitment to support the customer no matter what.   We’re confident to let our customers speak on our behalf and share their experiences in partnership with us.  Enterasys considers the Stadium business more than just revenue;  It’s the next generation of IT convergence across consumer, enterprise, and service provider requirements.  Our team is committed to understanding these evolving technical requirements necessary to derive added value from the delivered solution set.  Rest assured that with growth and investment from the combined Extreme and Enterasys business, our success within our Stadium business will continue to accelerate at warp speed.

If you would like to learn more about how the Enterasys solution can enhance your fan experience and equip your high-density sports venue with end-to-end Wi-Fi, download our white paper Wi-Fi Deployments in Large Venues

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