Discover SD-WAN Solutions for Enterprise Networking

What Makes ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Different?

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is pre-integrated with Fabric to extend services securely across all of a customer's sites. It comes with granular application performance management and visibility to better understand end user experience and it features intuitive user interfaces as part of a unified wired and wireless management solution.

Fabric to the Edge

Fabric services across wired, wireless and SD-WAN from data center to branch enable a unified, secure, and automated network.

Automatic discovery, configuration, attachment, and segmentation

Hypersegmentation, stealth design, and service elasticity reduce security risk.

Application Performance Management

Automated application discovery for more than 5,000 applications simplifies deployment.

Enhanced performance control and visualization enables improved user experiences and productivity.

Maintenance-free cloud on-ramps to AWS and Microsoft Azure enable secure, high-performance IaaS access

Unified Management

Centralized management of wired, wireless, SD-WAN, and IoT with intuitive user experiences simplify operations.

Multiple deployment options, including public, private and Extreme Edge Cloud enable data sovereignty.

Enhanced LAN to WAN to cloud analytics accelerate root cause analysis and repair.

What is SD-WAN and Why Is it Important?

A software-defined wide area network leverages low-cost, flexible internet access transport to connect multiple locations together securely and to the cloud. SD-WAN delivers good performance for lower cost than other technologies, improves site resilience, and simplifies cloud connectivity.

Fabric to the Edge, advanced application performance management, and unified management of wired, wireless, IoT, and SD-WAN devices enable organizations to reduce risk, simplify operations, and improve productivity.

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN turns the WAN into a strategic business asset by enabling digital transformation scaling, operational excellence, increased agility, and other critical business outcomes.


Assured Business Continuity and Resilience
As organizations continue to lead through uncertainty, no organization can afford unplanned downtime. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN's application steering, sub-second failover, and high availability options improve uptime. Built-in WAN security and advanced internet access security options protect the network from cyber-attack.

Improved Productivity and User Experience
Delivering consistent, high-quality user experience from cloud and data centers to branches is a challenge. Extreme’s application performance management capabilities improve user experience for the entire network with granular SaaS and private applications visibility and real-time, continuously automated application performance control.

Increased Operational Efficiency
Accelerating and optimizing business processes is critical to achieving key results. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN's cloud-native orchestrator with automated workflows, application discovery, and maintenance-free cloud on-ramps to AWS and Azure simplify operations with streamlined visibility, security, and performance.

Controlled Costs and Purchase Risks
Cost and risk are top of mind for many IT leaders and senior management. Detailed performance reporting enables cost optimization and network refinement. Inclusive subscription pricing with flexible terms reduces purchase risk and improves financial efficiency.