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Network Monitoring and Management

Providing You with Options

ExtremeWorks Managed Services

Extreme Networks believes customers want options. That’s why we created ExtremeWorks MonitoringPLUS and ExtremeWorks ResponsePLUS, each with its own benefits based on your business needs.

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Use Extreme Network Managed Services offerings to deliver immediate network value through:

  • The ability to monitor, manage and support Extreme Networks devices
  • Proactive management of network availability and performance
  • A single point of contact for all network performance needs and changes
  • Assistance in management of network operations
  • Focus on the network’s performance, health and vulnerabilities

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Clients find that one of the best features of Managed Services is being able to easily track moves, adds and changes remotely.

Have Moves, Adds, & Changes?

Explore ExtremeWorks MonitoringPLUS and ExtremeWorks ResponsePLUS

Scalable and flexible offerings combining continuous remote network monitoring with complete maintenance support available in a single package.

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